MONK, JONATHAN sound: vinyl records, CD's

JONATHAN MONK, My Mother Cleaning My Father’s Piano, 2001 [vinyl LP]

JONATHAN MONK, My Mother Cleaning My Father’s Piano, 2001
vinyl 7 inch, A side 1’20”, B side 0’34”
edition 200; some copies are signed, some have an original photograph on the cover, signed verso.

SHAW, JIM sound: vinyl records, CD's

JIM SHAW, THE DOGZ – It’s easier in my brain / Willy Nilly, n.d. [1990]


JIM SHAW, The Dogz – It’s easier in my brain / Willy Nilly, n.d. [1990]
7′ vinyl 45 rpm single, day-glo ink on picture sleeve, signed by Jim Shaw

A self-pressed (neo-psychedelic) design by Jim Shaw single from 1990 features two songs penned by Jim Shaw (“It’s Easter in My Brain” b/w “Willy Nilly”) with musical backing by “The Dogz” – an all-star cast of early nineties Cal Arts graduates featuring Mike Kelley, Stephen Prina, Eddie Ruscha, Art Byington and Richie Lee. The vocalists include Shaw, Liz Larner, Maija Beeton, Cindy Bernard, Laura Graham, and Martine Tomczyk. Signed by Jim Shaw.

Cameo Appearance Records, Los Angeles, USA            US$  100.-   1990

RAUSCHENBERG, ROBERT sound: vinyl records, CD's

ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, LP cover for Speaking in Tongues / Talking Heads, 1983


ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, LP cover for Speaking in Tongues / Talking Heads, 1983
33,5 x 33,5 x 1 cm
3 LP’s in plastic clam holder, wrapped in shrink foil, transparant sticker
limited edition 50.000


Byrne wrote in an obituary for the artist, published as Bob The Builder in the New York Times in May 2008:
‘I approached Bob Rauschenberg in the mid-’80s to design a cover. I had recently seen some of his black-and-white photo collages at Leo Castelli’s gallery on West Broadway and thought they were amazing, and I wondered what he would do with an LP cover,…’

‘His package consisted of a conceptual collage piece in which the color separation layers — the cyan, magenta and yellow images that combined to make one full-color image — were, well, deconstructed. Only by rotating the LP and the separate plastic disc could one see — and then only intermittently — the three-color images included in the collage. It was a transparent explication of how the three-color process works, yet in this case, one could never see all the full-color images at the same time, as Bob had perversely scrambled the separations.’

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BEUYS, JOSEPH sound: vinyl records, CD's

JOSEPH BEUYS, Sonne statt Reagen [LP], 1982

JOSEPH BEUYS, Sonne statt Reagan, 1982
45 × 45 cm, LP
printed signature on sleeve, hand signed, framed
published by NBK / Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany € 1.100,- December 2011

Im Rahmen seines politischen Engagements versucht sich Beuys auch als Pop-Sänger. Sein Song Sonne statt Reagan wendet sich gegen die Aufrüstungspolitik von Ronald Reagan. Der Song erscheint als Schallplatte und Beuys tritt damit vor großem Publikum während der Demo-Kundgebungen der Friedensbewegung ebenso wie zusammen mit der Band Die Desserteure in der Fernsehsendung der ARD “Bananas” am 3.7.1982 auf.

JOSEPH BEUYS, Sonne statt Reagan, 1982
18 x 18 cm
LP vinyl
printed signature on sleeve and hand signed in ring of red oil paint,
edition 90,  added text: ‘Überbringer Staeck 8.11.82’
published by Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany


JOSEPH BEUYS, Sonne statt Reagan, 1982
18 x 18 cm
LP vinyl
produced by Musikant

artist's books IANNONE, DOROTHY sound: vinyl records, CD's

DOROTHY IANNONE, Follow me, 1978

DOROTHY IANNONE, Follow me, 1978
25 x 19,5 cm (folded size), signed
leporello, artist book with vinyl 7“, record sleeve handcoloured by Dorothy Iannone
published by DAAD, Berlin, Germany / out of stock                                  

This copy is additionaly signed twice by Dorothy Iannone & Jochen Ruopp.

ANDERSEN, ERIC multiples sound: vinyl records, CD's

ERIC ANDERSEN, Tape Piece, [part of Fourre-Tout, No. 3, 1968]


ERIC ANDERSEN, Tape Piece, [1968]
three printed cards each 3 x 10,6 cm + piece from audio cassette tap in cellophane bag as published
this object is part of Ben Vautier’s magazine Fourre-Tout No. 3
edition 100 + 1 glass bottle with original manuscripts
published by Ben Vautier, Nice, France
Ref. Ben Vautier: Fourre-Tout No. 3, 1968
inv. BVau 220