YOKO ONO, 20 postcards – Drawing from Franklin Summer, 1995 [20 postcards, envelope]

YOKO ONO, 20 postcards – Drawing from Franklin Summer, 1995
16 x 23,3 cm
ink stamped envelope with 20 postcards, each 17,5 x 11,4 cm
signed in print ’94
vintage; 1st print
published by Carte d’Arte, Messina, Italy in 1995
rare in this condition: cards mint, envelope in excellent shape
€ 195,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.YOno 87-pr

History of price:
UnoriginalSins, UK February 2024 GBP 140.-
Idea Nowonline, September 2022 GBP 95.-

DIETER ROTH, Bastel-Novelle, 1992 [Volume 35, signed, dated]

DIETER ROTH, Bastel-Novelle, 1992
30 x 21 x 2 cm
4 magazines, stapled, 2 yellow stickers on plastic bag
signed and dated: Basel, Juni 1992 with felt pen on plastic bag
edition only ca 10-15 plastic bags
Inside “Bastel Novelle 3”: also signed on couver in pencil: D.R. 78
published by Dieter Roth Verlag and issued as package with 4 booklets on behalf of Basel Art Fair 1992
mint condition, although light seepage of glue to front of the yellow stickers
Private collection, Amsterdam – Margin scheme
inv.DRot 526-pr


Originally these four publications were issued by Hans Jörg Mayer in 1974-1978. In 1991 a second run as reprints issued by Dieter Roth Verlag were included in Volume 35 being part of ‘Dieter Roth Gesammelte Werke’.
Bastel-Novelle number 1 printed in an edition of 250.
Bastel-Novelle number 2 printed in a numbered edition of 300.
Bastel-Novelle number 3 printed in an edition of 1000, dated and signed with initials.

There is signed copy is in the collection of the Getty Museum.

History of prices:
Derringer Books, Avon, CT, USA December 2021 US$ 500.- Number 1, unsigned
Tim Byers Art Books, Richmond, UK December 2021 US$ 207.- Number 1, unsigned
Zwiggelaar Auctions, Amsterdam 9 December 2021 € 170,- Number 3, signed (hammer price)

ALISON KNOWLES, Bread and Water, 1992 [glove + tag]

ALISON KNOWLES, Bread and Water, 1992
ca 20 x 14 x 2 cm
woolen glove, paint, ink stamped and PVC plasticised label, rope
machine types text
signed with initials, dated
inv.AKno 000-pr

This apparently used glove has an industrial paint coating. The text on the attached label reads: Scratch plastic surface of glove to the ear. When this is done the hardened paint makes indeed some kind of a rustling noise. Although it is known that Alison Knowles noticed that the cracks in homemade bread had a resemblance to rivers, it is unknown to what the noise of this woolen glove may possibly refer to.

This item is part of found objects in the series “Bread and Water” by Alson Knowles, collected in 1992 on the occasion of the “Da Capo” Fluxus event in Wiesbaden on behalf of the 30th Fluxus anniversary. All objects have a tag and were probably part of a Moon Circle event.

Additional information:
‘Alison Knowles is neither a composer nor a performer in any traditional terms, yet much of her work is obviously some sort of music. When pressed to categorize herself, she told me she conceives most of her works simply as events. Yet even this catch-all term does not include her sculpture and prints, or her books and poems. But while she works in many media or intermedia, everything she does comes out of the same basic impulses: a concern for communication between human beings, an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of ordinary objects, a deep respect for John Cage, and a profound understanding of what “communicating” is really about.’ Tom Johnson in Musical America, 1975.

Interview with Alison Knowles: https://www.fluxusheidelberg.org/interviewwithalisonknowles_v1.3.pdf

None of these 4 items with tags are signed.

Intimacy, 2020 [Gold Edition, signed]

Intimacy, 2020 – G o l d  E d i t i o n
32 x 23 x 4,5 cm
cardboard box with magnet clam strip, 69 parts
numbered box, with extra contributions
several signed items
edition 23, here number 3 / Gold Edition
published by Cult Club, Amsterdam
order at www.multiples.nl


This box was produced in an edition of 48 copies, i.e. a Silver Edition of 25 copies and a Gold Edition box of 23 copies, the latter containing several signed items and extra contributions. Artists documented and/or participating:

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ Role Exchange, Amsterdam, 1975

AY-O Finger Box-Kit, 1991; Ay-O in New York, n/d.


PAUL BLANCA Father & Son, 1985

TRACEY EMIN Everyone I Have Ever Slept With (The Tent), 1963-1995

VALIE EXPORT Tapp-und-Tast-Kino

KAREL GOUDSBLOM All of This, 1998

AL HANSEN anna banana clacla fluxcomix, drawing, early 1970s

DON JUAN, flyer, 1978

KIRSTEN JUSTESEN RYGSKRIVER (write on one’s back), 1985

ALISON KNOWLES Serenade for Alison (Paik), Amsterdam, 1962

BAS KOSTERS Hope Bracelet / Hope card + BAS KOSTERS TV Head Inflatable Art Doll

SHIGEKO KUBOTA Vagina Painting, New York, 1965

JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO photo: Annie Leibovitz, 1980

ANDRIES DE MAREZ OYENS Love-Stop-Touch, sticker and postcard
signed on envelope

PIERRE MOLINIER Selfportrait with dildo, 1966

CHARLOTTE MOORMAN & NAM JUNE PAIK performing Chamber Music , Asolo, 1974

OTTO MUEHL with Mrs Conz, and people living in commune Friedrichshof, ca. 1983

YOKO ONO (with ANTHONY COX), The Bag, Knokke, 1967

ORLAN L’Origine de la Guerre, 1989

WILLEM DE RIDDER SUCK nr 8 (The Last Suck), front cover, 1974 + SUCK nr 7, back cover, n.d.


CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN Interior Scroll, 1975

ANDRES SERRANO Plassex-poster, 1997

BARBARA T. SMITH Feed Me, San Francisco, 1973

ANNIE SPRINKLE Look inside: Annie Sprinkle, flyer, 1990

ANNIE SPRINKLE / BETH STEPHENS Cuddling, Athens, 2017; sticker

MARCO TIBERIO Enlarge Sanitizer Gel (bottle)

TINKEBELL INTIMACY 1,2,3, three postcards, 2020
all postcards signed

ULAY / ABRAMOVIĆ Breathing in – Breathing out, Amsterdam, 1977

BEN VAUTIER Project for INTIMACY, sketch + photo Bed Event (1998), with Francesco Conz, ORLAN, Carolee Schneemann

AAT VELDHOEN Paring, Rotaprint, 1964

MAXIME C. DE WAAL Real Nature / Real Duvall, print

LUUK WILMERING A Personal Geographic. De naakten kleden, nr.7, 2010

ERIC ANDERSEN, For Your Comfort, 1980

ERIC ANDERSEN, For Your Comfort, 1980
21 x 4 cm
booklet, 34 pp., spiral binding, loose label as issued
edition 40
published by Edition Hundertmark, Düsseldorf, Germany
condition: top page very lightly yellowed
€ 340,- plus € 13,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.EAnd 925

This edition is part of a special Hundertmark Edition Box with works of 23 artists Armin Hundertmark worked with. The artists contributed to this box on behalf of the 10th anniversary of the publisher and gallerist Hundertmark.
Eric Andersen thought it appropriate to give the owner of the box to tear a page out of his booklet for having it glued to another contribution. The tab reads: ‘FOR YOUR COMFORT. Glue on this art-collection-tab any art-work from the also enclosed 10th anniversary Hundertmark Edition box.’

Participating artists:
ERIC ANDERSEN, “For your comfort”
, a small spiral booklet with texts and a note enclosed: “signature for the 10th anniversary hundertmark edition, eric andersen.”
JOSEPH BEUYS, “Aufruf zur Alternative”, 
Frankfurter Rundschau from 23.12.1978 with text of Beuys, stamped: “Wählt DIE GRÜNEN”, signed and numbered, a bronze sculpture, signed, 8.3 x 2.7 cm, a sawed tree trunk and the sawed place is sealed with wax again, signed, 18 x 1,6 cm.
a drawing, felt pen, signed and dated.
CLAUS BÖHMLER, “Aufzeichnungen, das Bild zum Ton vom Saxophon, Fixierung & Wiederholung von Zeit“,
 a photocopy and a tape cassette, titled, signed, dated and numbered.
a pencil and colored drawing, signed and dated.
ROBERT FILLIOU, “The Eternal Network Presents: /MULTIPLE A EXEMPLAIRE UNIQUE…”, a green DIN-A5 index card, written and stamped, signed, dated and numbered.
JOCHEN GERZ, “Kein Wort mehr über Pyramiden & Maßstäbe / die Pyramiden standen noch was rum, als wollen sie was fragen”
, brown color and text on cardboard, signed, dated and numbered.
TAKA IIMURA, “SELF IDENTIY 1 (1974)”, a video score, color photo on a photocopy, signed, dated and numbered.
, a photo collage, signed and dated.
A, spray picture, collage, signed.
a biscuit with a baked strips of text, signed.
BORIS LURIE, “NEIN”, aA stenciled picture, signed and numbered.
, plaster, collage, signed and dated.
ARNULF RAINER, “Als Toter im Atelierschmutz”, 
photo, signed and dated.
, Letter collage, signed, dated and numbered.
TAKAKO SAITO, “Fortune”, 
a plastic bag with salt and a crystal ball, signed.
An Isa-stone with the word cloud on it, into a wooden box, signed, dated and numbered.
TOMAS SCHMIT, “drei striche”, dDrawings, signed, dated and numbered.
DOMINIK STEIGER,”Hi – fi, Low nose”, 
a tape cassette, signed, dated and numbered.
a drawing, signed and dated.
JIRI VALOCH, “eye piece”, 
Abraisons letters on cardboard, signed, dated and numbered.
BEN VAUTIER, “Ink Stamp 1958“
, ink spots on blotting paper, signed, dated and numbered.
A Lithograph, signed, dated and numbered.

Edition of 40 copies
box size: 36 x 40 x 6 cm