JCJ VANDERHEYDEN, Zilveren Spiegel, 1991

JCJ VANDERHEYDEN, Zilveren Spiegel, 1991 [mirror]
38,9 x 35,9 x 3,5 cm
mirror, wood, paint
signed, date, year
series of 2 unique works with yellow brims
€ 6.400,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.JCJ 1033

JCJ Vanderheyden has produced various mirrors, most of the time for the sake of an exhibition in order to play with repetition through mirroring. This one comes with two yellow painted glass laths, i.e. one on the lower side and one on the right side. A method he uses on the edges of his paintings as well. The horizontal and vertical painted laths reappear in the reflection of the mirror.

printed matter WEINER, LAWRENCE

LAWRENCE WEINER, Under den Linden, 1994 [postcard]

LAWRENCE WEINER, Under den Linden, 1994
10,5 x 14,8 cm
published by Parkett, Zurich, Switzerland
inv.LWein 1030

This postcard announced the edition “Unter den Linden / Under lime trees” for Parkett Nr 42.

artist's books WEINER, LAWRENCE

LAWRENCE WEINER, Thrown someplace, 1991

LAWRENCE WEINER, Thrown someplace, 1991
21 x 10 cm
SC, stapled, English/Dutch
edition 750
splendid condition, although slightly yellowed by age
published by Art & Project, Amsterdam
€ 85,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.LWein 1028

printed matter prints RUFF, THOMAS

THOMAS RUFF, Sterne, 01h 55m/-30º, 1989 [signed postcard]

THOMAS RUFF, Sterne, 01h 55m/-30º, 1989
14.8 x 10.4 cm
signed with silver marker
splendid condition, with verso partly residual glue and paper
€ 295,- plus 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.TRuf 1027


Uncommon signature put straight into the image of the print, by which the artist’s name seems to become part of the firmament depicted.

printed matter prints VAUTIER, BEN

BEN VAUTIER, Anything Anyhow / n’Importe Quoi n’Importe Comment [1972]

BEN VAUTIER, Anything Anyhow / N’importe Quoi n’Importe Comment, nd. [1972]
each 9,5 x 12,5 cm
2 loose cards, offset on thin paper (160 g/m2)
edition 2000
published by Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
excellent condition
inv.BVau 1020

These two loose cards come from an envelope that contains five contributions of Ben Vautier, George Brecht, Gerhard von Graevenitz and François Morellet. The envelope was part of “TOEVAL”, a ring binder produced on behalf of a symposium. A fifth contribution consists of two dices with a Mozart score. It is published as examples of chance, but may be considered as an artist’s edition since the ideas and instructions come straight from the artists. It is not known if all loose contributions by various artists (e.g. “Chance Imagery” of George Brecht) have been added to the complete edition of 2000 copies.
A copy is in the collection of the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

‘Actually it is not a catalogue but an artist’s book, with mostly original contributions by artists. That Morellet sheet – translucent paper – is usually signed.’
Mail 22 of January 2021 by Harry Ruhé to KvG.



BEN VAUTIER, Une seule note suffit, 1966

inv.BVau 1015

BEN VAUTIER, Une seule note suffit, 1966
26.7 x 21.2 cm
stencil print
published by the artist
splendid condition, slightly aged
extremely rare
€ 650,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.BVau 1016?

This piece of stencil print contains two radical compositions by La Monte Young and Ben Vautier. The latter opens with an exposé on pop musicians and their pop culture embracing traditional music from the North of India:
“A single note is enough
Several parts from the last record of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Troggs, announce a new sound which extends the variety in music. These are monotonous sounds, in particularly produced by the Sitar (North Indian instrument) in tones and semitones, i.e. very close to this same music.”
Ben ends his text by making an ingenious link to Western contemporary (or Fluxus-like) music:
“But this musical conception is not in opposition to modern techniques, on the contrary, today it allows us to know better and better the field of semitones, quarter tones.”
Followed by a composition “# 7” (to be held for a long time) of La Monte Young from 1960 and a composition “Crescendo” by himself from 1963.

This composition is a single tone that is amplified. If it is given in a concert hall, it must begin when the curtains are drawn up. It is SLOWLY amplified in an evenly progression (without fluctuation). Its progress will be calculated in relation to the volume of the room and to the maximum power that the amplifiers are able to produce. The duration must be at least 4 hours. Half an hour before the end the volume must be absolutely unbearable and the audience must leave the room. BEN 1963”



* ‘Une seule note suffit
Plusieurs passages du dernier disque des Beattles, des Rolling Stone, des Troggs, annoncent une sonorité nouvelle qui envahit la musique de variété. Il s’agit de sons monotones, plus particulièrement produits par le Sitar (instrument Inde du Nord) en tons et demi-tons, très proches de cette même musique.’
‘Mais cette conception musicale n’est pas en opposition avec la technique moderne, bien au contraire, les emplis et micros d’aujourd’hui nous permettent de connaître de mieux en mieux le domaine des demi-tons, des quarts de tons.’
Cette composition est un seul son qui va en s’amplifiant. Si elle est donnée dans une salle de concert, elle doit débuter au lever du rideau. Elle s’amplifie LENTEMENT par progression symétrique (sans fluctuation). Cette Progression sera calculée par rapport au volume de la salle et à la puissance maximum que les amplificateurs pourront produire. La durée doit être au minimum de 4 heures. Une demi-heure avant la fin la puissance doit être absolument insupportable et l’assistance quittera la salle. BEN 1963’

printed matter VAUTIER, BEN

BEN VAUTIER, Cher, 1966 [prefabricated letter]

BEN VAUTIER, Cher, 1966
21,4 x 16,5 cm
letterpress on firm paper
published by the artist
splendid condition
inv.BVau 1015

This unaddressed letter in print is obviously prefabricated for sending to artists who are admired by Ben Vautier and fit to a Dada mentality.

BRUN, DANIEL HOOVER, NAN magazines MARROQUIN, RAÚL printed matter THEUWS, ROOS Vereniging van Videokunstenaars

Vereniging van Videokunstenaars, 1981 and 1983 [bulletins]

Vereniging van Videokunstenaars, 1981 and 1983
ca A5
total of 24 pp. including covers
4 VvE bulletins, of which one is hand coloured
published by VvV, Amsterdam
excellent condition
€ 120,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.VvV 997

In these four bulletins video presentations of the following VvV members are announced:
– Yvonne Oerlemans, Peter Baren (May 1981)
– Nan Hoover, Hooykaas/Stansfield, Christiaan Bastiaans, Lous America, Paul Müller, Lydia Schouten, Raúl Marroquin, Daniel Brun, Ian Nichols, Christine Chiffrun (February 1983)
– Ásta Olafsdóttir, Diek Kubbe, Christiaan Bastiaans, Arno Arts (April 1983)
– Paula Vanes, Albert van Westing, Hooykaas/Stansfield, Christine Chiffrun, Roos Theuws, Paul Müller, Henk Wijnen (June 1983)


RELLY TARLO and JACOBA BEDAUX, invitation, 1983

RELLY TARLO and JACOBA BEDAUX, invitation, 1983
14,7 x 21 cm
print on thin paper
published by Time Based Arts, Amsterdam
splendid condition, although slightly aged paper
very rare
€ 60,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.TBArts 996

multiples Viktor & Rolf

VIKTOR & ROLF, 2019 [Christmas hanger – bow]

10,5 x 14,5 x 4 cm
Christmas hanger; glass, tin tag ‘HEMA – VIKTOR&ROLF’
limited edition ‘Jingle bows’
published by HEMA, Amsterdam
mint condition
Collection Thora K. Johansen, Amsterdam
inv.V&R 1023


The image below was part of the PR announcements on the website of HEMA during the November/December 2019 campaign.