The Archive is Limited aims to bring detailed information to the public about multiples, prints, artist’s books, vinyls, DVDs and films in order to be able to compare not only qualities and prices, but also to use the site as a historical archive describing the artist’s attitude and development during his, her or their career. For this, sold items have not been removed.

The Archive is Limited brings works together, either signed or unsigned as indicated, that are authorized by the artists involved or have been produced during their lifetime. The latter refers to editions being archived as authentic works that are considerate to have been indirectly ratified by or made with the consent of the artist, since apparently no legal forces prevented to have the offered items for sale.

The Archive is Limited aims to comment in short what each edition is about.


  • The publisher of each item shown is the original seller unless stated otherwise.
  • Items marked as sold may still be available after your request for more details.
  • Availability is not stated of works that are part of the private collection of Kees van Gelder. Nevertheless, please ask for details.
  • A PayPal button guarantees that the item is available for sale. If not ask for such an installment.
  • For either a transfer through PayPal or bank an invoice will be sent to the buyer, unless privately sold. In the latter case a purchase confirmation will be sent to you.
  • Price in the year of issue is the price a new edition originally was offered for to the public. This starting price may be compared to current price settings in order to follow its growing value during the years.
  • In case of ‘not available’ or ‘not available anymore’ it is recommended to contact us for more detailed information.
  • Items are sold with the Margin Scheme, i.e. a Dutch tax system in which legally V.A.T. is not specified. Ask for details.
  • It is recommended to contact the publisher before a work is purchased. A not too old edition could (still) be found much cheaper there. For assistance you may contact irissvangelder-∂-gmail.com.
  • For payments through bank transfer, please contact office-∂-galerievangelder.com and instructions will be mailed to you.
  • Costs of mailing are based on prices of PostNL within the EU. For prices outside of European Common market, please ask for details before ordering.
  • Illustrations of the artist’s (related) works aim to create an educational effect, i.e. without a photo this would not be achieved in detail.
  • Although all purchased items are carefully checked before leaving the gallery it may occur that an item doesn’t meet the buyers’ expectations. Within reasonable time and proof it is always possible to get it refunded or replaced after it has been factually returned to the address in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  • The condition of each item is shown in the images. Also items are described in words. Such a verbal language is subjective, but it may help to add essential information to the visual language shown in the pictures. Our aim is to be as precise as possible and therefore a vocabulary has been added to the legenda that starts from used to mint:
    – used
    – fine
    – good
    – very good
    – excellent
    – splendid
    – mint or pristine