LAWRENCE WEINER, (&) so weiter, 1991 [post card, signed]


LAWRENCE WEINER, (&) so weiter, 1991
10,5 x 14,8 cm
die-cut postcard
published by Altonaer Museum, Hamburg, Germany
condition: mint
€ 295,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.LWein 906-pr

This post card has been signed in various ways on different places on the front, with either biro, fineliner or felt pen ink.

History of prices:
eBay/ashbinx74, Bruton, UK, December 2022 GBP 288.-(make offer)
eBay/ashbinx74, Bruton, UK, January 2022 € 465,- (make offer)
eBay/ashbinx74, Bruton, UK, January 2021 € 438,- (make offer)
Anartist, New York, USA, January 2021 € 105,-

ZEGER REYERS, All The Stars in the Sky, 2007 [vinyl, signed]


ZEGER REYERS, All The Stars in the Sky, 2007
vinyl, EP
recto: glued on special plate, verso: ink stamped text
special edition 60, here nr 46/60
signed, numbered
published by ZKM, Karlsruhe, German
mint, although slight bump at lower left part of cover
Zeger Reyers talks about this record related to used fungi and Paul Thek.
€ 380,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail


This limited and special vinyl EP cover with glued on art plate by Zeger Reyers was for sale at the ZKM museum. An additional release of 150 copies without an art plate on the cover was issued at other venues.


History of prices:
Discogs, 23 April 2020, € 489,-

OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled, 1998 [dollar sign]


OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled, 1998 [dollar sign]
70 x 70 cm
screen print
edition 40
€ 1.500,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail


History of prices:
Place des Arts, Paris, France US$ 1,784 January 2023
Place des Arts, Paris, France € 1.650,- August 2021 GBP 1,200.- March 2020
Place des Arts, Paris, France € 1.875,- April 2020
ArtCurial, Paris, France € 520,- auction 19 September 2016, incl. premium
ArtCurial, Paris, France € 650,- auction 12 December 2016

JIRI VALOCH, Do it yourself I – signs + Do it yourself II – dialogues, 1972


JIRI VALOCH, Do it yourself I – signs + Do it yourself II – dialogues, 1972
each 20,8 x 15 x 0,3 cm
2 portfolios with each 9 sheets
edition 100, here 26/100
signed, numbered
published by the artist
good condition, although slightly discoloured due to aging


Jirí Valoch is a visual and conceptual poet and works with graphic and textual concepts. His minimal events and interventions in natural settings find their way often through conceptual drawings, short and ‘easy-to-make’ books and installations with texts.

Jirí Valoch had solo exhibitions since 1966 in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands and Austria. He participated in group shows in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Mexico, Spain, Italy, USA, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Austria, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Austria, Israel and Canada. From 1968 – 1972 he was a member of Klub Konkretistu (Concretists’ Club) and since 1997 he has been a member of the Brno section of the Klub Konkretistu 2; since 1991 he has been a member of the TT Klub of Creative Artists and Theoreticians. He lives and works in Brno.


BARBARA KRUGER, Business as usual, 2019 [metal pin]


BARBARA KRUGER, Business as usual, 2019
5,7 x 6,9 cm
metal badge, print, glossy plastic coating, verso: two plastic parts
edition unknown
published by Printed Matter, New York, USA
inv.BKrug 000-pr

This metal pin comes with a one year subscription as a Friend of Printed Matter in New York for US$ 60.-

History of prices:
eBay-hotelmarquetteprints, Cleveland, Ohio, USA $ 175.- March 2021
Printed Matter, New York, USA $ 60.- March 2020

PIPILOTTI RIST, Pepperminta, 2005 [box with printed matter]


PIPILOTTI RIST, Pepperminta, 2005
25 x 18,7 x 2,8 cm
cardboard box, linen bound
17 parts + stiff paper board, printed matter and various items
published by Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich, Switzerland
€ 100,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.PRis 864


This box includes images of dreams, saints, dreams and ideas of paradise. Rist is renown for her mesmerizing slow-video installations that are mixed with visual art, music, architecture, and social politics. Her work features often erotic and uncanny images of her own body. She states on one of the inlays: ‘The body is a planet. It wants to be a paradise. Paradise calms down fever’
This box was published on behalf of the Venice Biennale 2005 in which Pipilotti Rist represented Switzerland with a solo exhibition. All loose items may be considered as artist’s publications, apart from the colophon insert.


BARBARA KRUGER, Untitled (Kiss), 2019 [Artek stool]


BARBARA KRUGER, Untitled (Kiss), 2019
44 x 38 x 38 cm
Artek stool 60 with text, industrial paint, wood, screws, booklets
numbered verso on seat of stool, artist’s name ink stamped in red on cardboard box
edition 600, here nr 281
original packaging and booklets
published by ICA, London, UK
condition: mint
€ 1.250,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.BKrug 836


A second and final run doubled the original edition of 300, here number 281 i.e. part of the first run. Apparently publisher ICA had second and third thoughts when it came to the final edition number. It first decided to extend the edition from 300 to 500. Then another 100 were added and presented as a final second run of 300 copies. Below you will find a screen shot of their website made on 7th of December 2019.



History of prices:
Bonhams, London, UK GBP 600 20 September 2023 (hammer price)
Mo-Art Gallery, Amsterdam € 1.500 September 2023
Wright Auction, Chicago, USA € 2.040 4 May 2023 -2nd set of 2 stools (hammer price)
Wright Auction, Chicago, USA € 1.496 4 May 2023 -1st set of 2 stools (hammer price)
Bonhams Auction, London € 1.115,- 2 June 2023 incl. premium
1stDibs, Jersey City, USA € 3.617,- January 2023
Smolensky Gallery, Manchester, UK GBP 1,700.- January 2023
ICA, London, UK GBP 2,000.- September 2022
Artware, New York, USA US$ 3,500.- July 2022
Phillips Auctions, London, UK GBP 1,515.- 20 January 2022
Commodity Gallery, Los Angeles, USA US$ 3,500.- October 2021
Artsy-Alpha 137 Gallery, New York, USA US$ 2,400.- September 2021
Wright Auction, Chicago, USA € 1.525 15 July 2021 (hammer price)
Artware, New York, USA US$ 2,000.- April 2021, Benbury, England, UK € 1.785,- April 2021
eBay-artwiseonline, Brooklyn, New York, USA US$ 3,500.- March 2021
eBay-can-buy-my-art, The Hague, Netherlands US$ 2,200.- March 2021
Bonhams Auction, London € 846,- 10 December 2020 incl. premium
Bonhams Auction, London € 1.822,- 17 October 2020 incl. premium
Artware, New York, USA US$ 2,000.- 26 August 2020
Bonhams Auction, London € 844,- 19 June 2020 incl. premium, between US$ 1,000 – US$ 2,500.- 8 March 2020
ICA, London, UK GBP 1,000.- 4 March 2020
ICA, London, UK GBP 650.- 10 December 2019 – sold out 30-12-2019
ICA, London, UK GBP 450.- 23 October 2019


WJM KOK, Off Color (Crimson), 2019


WJM KOK, Off Color (Crimson), 2019
7 x 7 cm
oil paint on canvas, wooden mini-easel; ca 11 x 8 x 8 cm
open series, unique works
signed, dated
€ 222,- plus € 12,- registered mail Track & Trace

When ordered colour will differ from the colour shown above.


Striking in the work of Wjm Kok is his interest in open or closed series, i.e. limited in number as a pure consequence of a conceived system. He wants to make series that are not a goal in itself, but rather a result of a method to keep as far away as possible from an emotional choice. He likes to make work that is not hierarchical and that also does not refer to a pronounced uniqueness.

In the open series ‘Off Color’, Wjm Kok mixes a color directly on the canvas with the help of seven ad randem tufts of paint squeezed from the paint tube. The color is not easily predictable and often also produces a surprising effect for him during the making.

ANITA DI BIANCO, Corrections and Clarifications, 2001-2019


ANITA DI BIANCO, Corrections and Clarifications, 2001-2019
45 x 34 x 5,5 cm
cardboard box with 15 newspapers, various sizes
open edition; as a complete set published by the artist
signed, dated
published by the artist

Corrections and Clarifications is an ongoing series of newspapers, each time containing an edited compilation of corrections ad randomly collected from daily international news. Each issue covering merely a list of corrections page after page.
In the paper issued in December 2016 (edition of 200) the colophon reads as follows: ‘Corrections and Clarifications is an ongoing publication, an intermittent compilation of daily revisions, retractions, re-wordings, distinctions and apologies to print news from September 2001 to the present. A reverse-chronological cataloging of lapses in naming and classification, of tangled catchphrases, detectable patterns of mis-speech and inflection, distraction, connotation and enumeration.’

DOROTHY IANNONE, A Thousand and One Songs for Erik Bock, 2019 [multiple]


DOROTHY IANNONE, A Thousand and One Songs for Erik Bock, 2019
43 x 30,7 x 2,5 cm
cardboard box, loosely inserted colour photo in glued on photo corners, 9 offset prints incl. index sheet with credits, 2 CD’s fixed on inner side of lid, postcard
signed, numbered
edition 150
published by Tochnit Aleph, Berlin, Germany
inv.DIan 000-pr


“Not every love is forever, nor is an unimaginable longevity necessary in order that a love qualify as memorable. I once derived a great deal of pleasure as well as artistic inspiration (and eventually, some pain, I must admit) from a sexual and intellectual friendship with an emotionally thrifty (as he himself would be the first to admit) but very beautiful gentleman from a neighbouring country, north of Berlin, my adopted home, and whom I’m so glad I met long ago.

“These recordings were made for him, to give him pleasure, and pride in his being, as well as for myself, so that I could continue my immersion in our relationship when, for short periods, we were apart…..”

From the liner-notes by Dorothy Iannone, November 2017

SALIM BAYRI, Sad Ali, 2017 [small version]


SALIM BAYRI, Sad Ali, 2017 [small version]
16,2 x 4,9 cm
print, lasered sky leather
signed, numbered, dated
edition 4
€ 250,-


Salim Bayri surrounds himself with an alter ego that he calls Sad Ali, a shortening of “sad alien”. This figure has no organs, undertakes no actions and opposite to a cartoon personality he doesn’t talk. As a kind of ambulant search machine he runs around checking out situations and things.
Salim Bayri: ‘I mostly use computer generated images, sound, footage and short actions because of their speed and fluidity.’

Salim Bayri is nominated for the Nationale Nederlanden Group Award 2018. The other nominees:
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Sam Samiee
Rafaël Rozendaal

GILBERT & GEORGE, As used by the sculptors, 1973 [signed postcard]



GILBERT & GEORGE, As used by the sculptors, 1973
14,7 x 10,5 cm
signed (recto)
pubished by Hôtel Carlton Palace, Paris, France
perfect condition
€ 295,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail


The signature is done with ballpoint at the lower part of the postcard. From a certain angle when the ink reflects the light one clearly detects the signature. This rather ephemeral handwriting makes the image undisturbed, and therefore very powerful.

Signature in detail:

CHRISTOPH BUECHEL, invitation to exhibit, 2002 [digital print of mail]

CHRISTOPH BUECHEL, Invitation to exhibit, 2002
29,7 x 21 cm
high quality digital print of mail
inv.ChrB 000-pr

After being invited to Manifesta 4, Christoph Büchel offered his participation rights to the highest bidder on eBay. The final bid was eventually $15,099.

On 20th of March 2002 I contacted Christoph Buechel to have a solo exhibition in my gallery in Amsterdam. He proposed to become the highest bidder of his eBay offer. Being the highest bidder Galerie van Gelder would have had a solo exhibition ‘by Christoph Buechel’ at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt, as is stated in his mail. KvG

LAWRENCE WEINER, Relative to Hanging, 1975 [artist’s book]

LAWRENCE WEINER, Relative to Hanging, 1975
16,9 x 11,8 cm
SC, 24 pp.
edition 500
published by Edition After Hand, Ringkøping, Denmark
splendid condition
€ 185,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.LW 000-pr

This artist’s book defines five ways of handling the national flag of Denmark:
1. having stood for (as)
2. having stood in (as)
3. having stood up (as)
4. having stood over (as)
5. having stood down (as)
and hence creating various images of how one may use a flag e.g., in a patriotic sense, a colonial way, a representing manner, and so on.

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahier Clairefontaine, 2006 [Cahier Clairefontaine + drawing]

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahier Clairefontaine, 2006
22 x 17 cm
stapled, 32 pp.
signed, numbered, here nr 9/32
insert of original ink drawing on firm tracing paper
edition 32
published by Édition Cneai, Chatou, France
inv.YSer 000-pr

The couver of this edition was published in six colours: red, orange, yellow, blue, light blue and green.
The printed grids on the notebook pages of ‘Cahier Clairefontaine’ have been originally hand drawn by pupils of the Jules Verne Primary School in Croissy-sur-Seine in France and were reproduced in print. Industrially made notebooks are used for learning to write straight by making use of pre-printed horizontal blue and vertical red lines on each page.
The edition is 1500 of which 32 are numbered and signed.

LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023 [edition CUT magazine about art]

LEE MCDONALD, Fragmented Test 2645, 2023
ca 40 x 17 x 2 cm
plastic, thread, tea bag, 2 stickers
including CUT magazine about art, issue 26
edition 34
signed, dated, numbered
published by Cut Magazine about art, Amsterdam
€ 150,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace registred EU mail
inv.LMcD 000

For CUT magazine about art Lee McDonald made the above edition, all handmade. He seldom makes a work that is not tested by himself. Here, the owner of the multiple may test the parachute by dipping the tea bag in a glass of warm water to give it a bit of weight before throwing it into the air to see what happens. This means that basically 34 tests could be run by the owners, hence its title “Fragmented Test 2645”.

SARAH LUCAS, “Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette”, 2009 [ set of 3 mugs]

“Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette”, 2009
9.3 x 11 x 8 cm
ceramic, set of 3 mugs
extremely rare
published by Other Criteria. London, UK
€ 620,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.SLuc 364-pr

The titles “Cigarette gnome”, “Denim” and “Jesus and Cigarette” come from Other Criteria’s order site in 2009.

Other Criteria, an arts-based publishing company founded by Damien Hirst, opened its first retail location at 458 Broome Street, New York on May 6th 2014. The shop in London closed down in 2016.

DAMIEN HIRST, Virtue, 2008 [mug]

DAMIEN HIRST, Virtue, 2008
10 x 12 x 8,5 cm
mug, transfer print on ceramic
dated in glaze
published by Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, London, UK
€ 220,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.DHir 04-24-pr

History of price:
ArtSpace, New York, USA September 2023 € 321,-

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Beach Pouch Gra, 2022 [linen beach pouch]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Beach Pouch Gra, 2022
ca 17 x 24 cm
linen pouch with zipper, plastic protection bag with Vilebrequin print, 4 tags
published by JPR Editions / produced by Vilebrequin, Geneva, Switzerland
For purchase see:
John M Armleder Unisex linen Beach pouch Gra – Vilebrequin x John M Armleder
inv.JMA 000-pr

“After 15 years of dynamic editorial activities as a commercial publishing company, JRP|Ringier became JRP|Editions on January 1, 2019. Placed under the responsibility of FSEA / Fondation Suisse pour l’Édition d’Art, a nonprofit entity presided over by Swiss artist John M Armleder, this new imprint is committed to pursuing the distribution of titles published since 2004, as well as to publishing new books.”
Website JPR editions.

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Splash, 2023 [print on umbrella]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Umbrella Splash, 2023
88 x 98 x 98 cm
print on umbrella, transparant plastic sleeve
published by We Do Not Work Alone, Paris, France
For purchase:
John M Armleder Umbrella Splash
inv.JMA 000-pr

Right from the sixties and seventies John M Armleder has made use of found objects integrated in his art. From his Furniture Sculptures to cat beds bought at a supermarket and hung as estranged fur objects on the wall of a gallery. Lately, he pushed the boundaries by making designs for Wallpapers by Artists, Puma bags, Vilebrequin’s swimwear like shorts and bowling shirts. Here an umbrella for We Do Not Work Alone has been provided with a stylised splash design. KvG