artist's books photographs

GEOFFREY HENDRICKS, Five Found Photos, 1978 [artist’s book]

GEOFFREY HENDRICKS, Five Found Photos, 1978
15 x 22,2 cm
artist’s book, 5 tipped in photos
edition 600
signed, numbered, here 74/600
published by Printed Editions, New York, USA
condition: splendid, although front cover comes with a hardly detectable vertical bend on the right side
€ 200,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail


The artist’s book “Five Found Photos” includes a short text by Geoffrey Hendricks:
‘Last summer in Germany, rummaging through flee markets, I collected some old postcards and photographs. The collection was made casually just picking out what struck my fancy. One night I noticed certain photographs were of same people. Other cards seemed to go together because of similar structural elements. I began to group and regroup the material, pairing images visually, narratively, and numerically, seeing contrasts and similarities of form, subject, location, time, or emotion. Sometimes there were surprises. These five cards are one distillation from this process. They might imply a story, or a dream, perhaps a souvenir of a summer abroad. They are for reflection”

artist's books multiples photographs printed matter prints VAN BEVEREN, PETER

THE ARCHIVES – Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981

THE ARCHIVES-Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981
30,4 x 21,7 cm
artists book, HC, 30 pp. stamp numbered
edition 500, here nr 95/100
signed, some stamp signed, by all contributors; here signed by Peter van Beveren
exuberant amount of various materials and techniques, inlay with list of artists
book in excellent condition: excellent cover, hardly discoloured pages (although recto undeniable yellowed inlay), art works in very good and untouched condition, two metal parts of contribution by Klaas Gubbels have a patina due to age
€ 850,- plus € 20,- Track & Trace registered mail


Peter van Beveren (born in 1952) started in the early 1970’s as conceptual artist, developed his passion for collecting by sending and also acquiring mail art. He initiated and managed The Archives / Art Information Centre and considered this part of his art practice. Later on in the mid eighties he became gallery owner of Galerie Pandora in Rotterdam. In 1981 for the Provincial Museum in Hasselt (Belgium) Peter van Beveren assembled the following contributing artists: Robert Jacks, Woody van Amen, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Marinus Boezem, Christian Boltanski, Daniel Buren, Michel Cardena, Christo, Robin Crozier, Geurt van Dijk, Pieter Engels, Hans Eijkelboom, Ken Friedman, Ad Gerritsen, Klaas Gubbels, Wim Gijzen, Richard Hamilton, Dick Higgins, Tommy Mew, Maurizio Nannucci, Richard Nonas, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Yves De Sme, Al Souza, Endre Tot, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier and Wolf Vostell.

The first hundred copies are signed by Peter van Beveren.

MEESE, JONATHAN photographs

JONATHAN MEESE, Blue Nick, 1999 [drawing on photo]

JONATHAN MEESE, Blue Nick, 1999
20,9 x 30,3 cm
unique drawing on photo print: marker on Fujifilm Print
signed, dated
condition: pristine
€ 1.200,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.JMee 866


This drawing on photo print is a pendant of “Gold Nick” made on the same day in 1999.

MONNERIE, JULIEN multiples photographs

JULIEN MONNERIE, untitled, 2018 [multiple]

JULIEN MONNERIE, untitled, 2018
10,7 x 8,8 cm
polaroid photo
series of 20 unique photos
felt pen signed, dated
published by Connoisseurs, Paris, France


With a necktie, cuff-inks, collar pins or his signature Julien Monnerie shows a preference for making works related to his body. Since 2014 he is specifically interested integrating his initial-like signature in his paintings and prints. In this polaroid edition he shaved his hair in the shape of his signature, playfully referring to artists like Man Ray and Yves Klein. KvG

ELZERMAN, MARIEKE multiples photographs printed matter

MARIEKE ELZERMAN, Moises y Noe, 2018 [colour photo]

MARIEKE ELZERMAN, Moises y Noe, 2018
[trans. Moises in the Jungle]
20,3 x 30,5 cm
colour photo
signed, dated, numbered
edition 40
published by the artist
Added: postcard + souvenir, i.e. 2 presents from the artist given to ca all 10 crowd funders DoneerDoel.

artist's books photographs prints VAN WARMERDAM, MARIJKE

MARIJKE VAN WARMERDAM, Underwater I, 2008 [2 tipped in photo prints]

each 19,9 x 13,6 cm
2 digital prints in book by Dutch poet Rozalie Hirs, 16 pp.
signed and numbered on last page
edition 100
published by Uitgeverij 69, Hiversum, Netherlands



FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples photographs

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vogue, 1992 [Galerie van Gelder Editions]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vogue, 1992
each 28,6 x 23 cm / size cassette open: 32 x 52,5 cm
edition 24 (2x 12 issues)
colour photos on aluminum, linen covered cassette
one signed photo (as issued), numbered, dated
Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam



recto signed copy:

BELIN, VALÉRIE photographs

VALÉRIE BELIN, Black Women II (Untitled), 2006 [purple]

VALÉRIE BELIN, Black Women II (Untitled), 2006
ca 40 x 35 cm
colour photo on high gloss paper, catalogue
signed, dated, numbered
edition 20 + 2 AP
published by Steidl Publishers, Göttingen, Germany

MOSSET, OLIVIER multiples PARRINO, STEVEN photographs

OLIVIER MOSSET & STEVEN PARRINO, “Studio photo”, n.d. [1990]

OLIVIER MOSSET & STEVEN PARRINO, “Studio photo”, n.d. [1990]
20,1 x 25,3 cm
analogue photo print, unframed
numbered, signed by both artists
edition 50
published by Galerie Pierre Huber, Geneva, Switzerland

In this picture the cars of Olivier Mosset and Steven Parrino are parked in front of their adjacent studios in Brooklyn. This picture was taken in 1990 and Mosset and Parrino called it their “Studio photo” ever since.
SP 610


multiples photographs VANDERHEYDEN, JCJ

JCJ VANDERHEYDEN, Atelier Concreet, 1992

JCJ VANDERHEYDEN, Atelier Concreet, 1992
50,7 x 40,5 cm
hand painted wooden object mounted on black and white photograph, original aluminum frame
edition 5
published by the artist
very rare
€ 7.500,-

On behalf of his solo exhibition “Simultaneous” in Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam JCJ Vanderheyden made this special photo-with-object edition. On top of the studio photo Vanderheyden mounted a tiny painting on wood re-staging the realistic situation in his studio in the right proportion, although factually on a much smaller scale.