SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Situations, 2000 [9 postcards]

15 x 10,5 cm
9 postcards, vintage
in cellophane envelope
edition 250
mint condition
€ 25,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace NL registered mail


CARSTEN HÖLLER, Zukunft ist wichtiger als Freizeit., 1989 [28 match boxes]

Photo K. van Gelder

CARSTEN HÖLLER, Zukunft ist wichtiger als Freizeit., 1989
each 5,4 x 4,9 x 0,6 cm
28 match books, with vintage cardboard box (5,5 x 20,5 x 11,5 cm)
edition 5000
published by the artist
mint condition, although discoloured box with some small tears
€ 720,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.CHoe 1179

Carsten Höller was flabbergasted by Helmut Kohl’s speech at the Deutschen Ingenieurtag on 26th of May 1987 given in Munich, Germany: “…Wer über die Zukunft unserer Gesellschaft mitentscheiden will, tut gut daran, dies nicht nur in der unbeständigen Aufgeregtheit des Zeitgeistes zu tun, sondern mit Nachdenklichkeit und Besonnenheit.”

“…Einer Gesellschaft, in der für viele die Freizeit immer mehr zum wichtigsten Wert wird, ist schwer verständlich zu machen, dass Zukunft wichtiger ist als Freizeit und dass Zukunft ohne Anstrengungen nicht gesichert werden kann.”

The idea that a future with efforts or even hard labour, i.e. ‘Anstrengungen’, is more important than leasure time made the artist decide to appropriate the slogan of German politician Helmut Kohl.

Originally presented in an aluminum bowl (diameter 20 cm).


printed matter VAN ES, HANNES

HANNES VAN ES, invite, Amsterdam, 1986 [exhibition card]

HANNES VAN ES, invitation card, Amsterdam, 1986
21 x 14 cm

artist's books magazines ROTH, DIETER

DIETER ROTH, Bastel-Novelle, 1992 [Volume 35, signed, dated]

DIETER ROTH, Bastel-Novelle, 1992
30 x 21 x 2 cm
4 magazines, stapled, 2 yellow stickers on plastic bag
only ca 10-20 signed, dated on plastic bag
couver Basel Novelle 3: also signed and dated in pencil:
D.R. 78
published by Dieter Roth Verlag and issued as package with 4 booklets on behalf of Basel Art Fair 1992
mint condition, although light seepage of glue to front of the yellow stickers
Private collection.
inv.DRot 526-pr


Originally these four publications were issued by Hans Jörg Mayer in 1974-1978. In 1991 a second run as reprints issued by Dieter Roth Verlag were included in Volume 35 being part of ‘Dieter Roth Gesammelte Werke’.
Bastel-Novelle number 1 printed in an edition of 250.
Bastel-Novelle number 2 printed in a numbered edition of 300.
Bastel-Novelle number 3 printed in an edition of 1000, dated and signed with initials.
A signed copy is in the collection of Getty Museum.

History of prices:
Derringer Books, Avon, CT, USA December 2021 US$ 500.- Number 1, unsigned
Tim Byers Art Books, Richmond, UK December 2021 US$ 207.- Number 1, unsigned
Zwiggelaar Auctions, Amsterdam 9 December 2021 € 170,- Number 3, signed (hammer price)

photographs VAN ES, HANNES

HANNES VAN ES, Clear view on several black stains, 1987 [installation photo]

HANNES VAN ES, Clear view on several black stains, 1987
17,7 x 24 cm
analogue press photo
Foto: P. Houcmant

This black and white photo was taken of an installation Hannes van Es made as part of his solo exhibition at Galerie van Gelder ‘Werken op papier: 1982 – 1987’. For the first time he used four Vanes acrylic paint cans as weights, placed at the corners of a paper floor work that he had covered with blobs of black Vanes paint. The latter was specifically made by a Spanish company for the purpose of his thick layered paintings.

photographs VAN ES, HANNES

HANNES VAN ES, portrait 1986 [photo print]

HANNES VAN ES, portrait 1986
17,9 x 12,7 cm
colour photo print
photo: K. van Gelder

After his works had been installed in GvG (notice the dusty knees of his trousers) on Saturday 10 June 1986 Hannes van Es requested me to take a picture of him under a sculpture named “Vehicle” (1986), made of iroko wood, ivory, gold, silver, resina and lava granite. A small sterling silver crown above the artist’s head was the basic idea of having this photo taken. KvG

printed matter VAN ES, HANNES

HANNES VAN ES, Great illusion productions, 1991 [vintage photo copy]

HANNES VAN ES, Great illusion productions, 1991
21 x 29,7 cm
vintage photo copy of fax
condition: very slightly aged

This is a slightly yellowed photo copy of a fax that Hannes van Es sent in the 15th of July 1991.


WALTER DAHN, signed label for “Crowns”, 1989 [woolen carpet]

WALTER DAHN, label with signature, 1989
19,8 x 9,6 cm
signed and numbered label issued for being sewn under woolen carpet “Crowns”
edition 6
produced by Equator Production, Brussels, Belgium
Private collection, Amsterdam
Margin Scheme

This label with signature (1989) was signed and numbered for being sewn under woolen carpet “Crowns” (200 x 300 cm) that was issued in an edition of 6. Each carpet was made on a command-selling base. It is unknown whether all copies have been produced.

In a group exhibition called They See The Light at Galerie van Gelder (11 – 27 August 1991), another hand knotted carpet ‘Two Crowns’ (200 x 200 cm) of Walter Dahn was shown, together with carpets by Milan Kunc, Rosemarie Trockel, Peter Nagy, Rob Scholte, Joseph Kosuth, Donald Baechler, Mark Dagley, Guillaume Bijl and Jiri Georg Dokoupil.

BELIN, VALÉRIE photographs

VALÉRIE BELIN, Black Women II (Untitled), 2006 [signed]

VALÉRIE BELIN, Black Women II (Untitled), 2006
41 x 36,5 x 5 cm
colour photo (38 x 34,5 cm) on high gloss paper + catalogue, linen bound box
signed, dated, numbered 19/20
edition 20 + 2 AP
published by Steidl Publishers, Göttingen, Germany
mint condition
rare, in this condition
€ 4.200,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.VBel 1165_1167

Valérie Belin’s (1964) photographs objects, such as glasses, silverware, Venetian mirrors, car motors, or animal carcasses. And also portraits. The concept of her method is simple; taking a photograph is a matter of light and exposure, then the subject seems to change of character.

The portrait photograph ‘Black Woman II’ by Valérie Belin shows a young woman with a remarkably smooth face. How is it possible that someone is made up so smoothly. Later I was told that this is the head of a mannequin made up as faithfully as possible as a human being. Every time I look at it I must try hard to see it as a doll with a wig and face paint. Odd. KvG
From brochure ‘When artists form ideas’, 2021, Parts Project, The Hague, Netherlands.

History of price:
eBay-lemutusliber, La Rochelle, France € 4.800,- November 2021


RICHARD PRINCE, Skull Bunny shopping bag, 1991 [signed]

RICHARD PRINCE, Skull Bunny shopping bag, 1991
50 x 28 x 8 cm
offset on stiff paper bag
signed, dated
edition 29
published during Art Basel 1991 by Printed Matter, New York, USA and Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
extremely rare
mint condition