MEVIS & VAN DEURSEN, Uitnodiging!, 1993 [poster]

MEVIS & VAN DEURSEN, Uitnodiging!, 1993
42,5 x 30,5 cm (paper size 46.4 x 34.5 cm)
condition very fine
extremely rare
published by Mevis & Van Deursen, Amsterdam

In 1993 curator Moritz Küng was invited to make a show in Galerie van Gelder & AP. For that he invited graphic designers Mevis & Van Deursen (Amsterdam) to make an announcement poster for an exhibition called ‘Uitnodiging!’. The announcement poster of Mevis & Van Deursen shows a crying black woman that could be understood as one that is either crying or laughing, or both perhaps. For the exhibition itself another poster was designed depicting a woman wearing sun glasses.