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BEUYS, JOSEPH multiples prints

JOSEPH BEUYS, Zeichen aus dem Braunraum III, 1984 [post card, signed]

JOSEPH BEUYS, Zeichen aus dem Braunraum III, 1984
10,5 x 14,7 cm
post card, offset
published by Edition Stack, Heidelberg, Germany
inv.JBeu 000

MONK, JONATHAN multiples printed matter prints

JONATHAN MONK, Picture Post Card from Post Box Pictured, 2005 [post card, edition]

JONATHAN MONK, Picture Post Card from Post Box Pictured, 2005
15 x 10,5 cm
post card
signed, stamp dated 12-01-2006
published by ICA / Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
inv.JMon 605-606

ASHER, MICHAEL multiples printed matter

MICHAEL ASHER, Série de 16 cartes postales de Michael Asher, 1991 [16 post cards]

MICHAEL ASHER, Série de 16 cartes postales de Michael Asher, 1991
each 15 x 10,5 cm
offset, stack of 16 post cards, vintage envelope
condition: verso slightly aged
published by Le Consortium, Dijon, France
inv.MAsh 000

Michael Asher is known for the so-called “Situational Aesthetics”, a movement in Conceptual art that is critical on what defines art and on the production of commodities. Marcel Duchamp pointed out to a paradigm in the arts by inserting an already made object within an art context. It exposed the legitimising function of an institution and its crucial role in defining of what should be considered as art.

3 cards:

History of price:
Antiquarian Maria, Lisbon, Portugal, March € 400,-

GOLDEN, DAAN VAN multiples printed matter

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, untitled, 2017 [Souvenir]

DAAN VAN GOLDEN, untitled / Souvenir, 2017
3 parts
screen print on fabric: 10,5 x 12,9 cm / gold envelope: 11 x 15,6 cm
condition: excellent
“Souvenir” recto and initial “D” verso on outer envelope: 12 x 18,1 cm
poor condition; scuffing, stains
private collection
inv.DvG 000-pr

This gold envelope with screen print on vinyl cloth depicts a characteristic dark red Daisy pattern that Daan van Golden often uses in his paintings and photographs. There is no sign of origin.

A white outer envelope entitled “Souvenir” contains the edition. At the back side a ‘D’ in print refers to the first name of the artist. The envelope’s colour in gold alludes with the surname of Daan van Golden. The grey line frame on the white envelope suggests that this item was perhaps a thank object presented to people for their compassion and sympathy after Daan van Golden deceased in 2017. Any form of origin of publication is lacking.


DOROTHY IANNONE, Put Out The Light, 2022 [match box XXL]

DOROTHY IANNONE, Put Out The Light, 2022
3 x 29 x 6 cm
cardboard XXL box, matches
edition 500
published by We Do Not Work Alone, Paris, France
inv.IDor 000-000

“Put out the light” is the last edition Iannone Dorothy made before she died in december 2022 at the age of 89. Dorothy became well-known with what she called “ecstatic unity” that referred to erotic and sexual explorations featured in many of her works. In “An Icelandic Saga” she describes a trip made in the late sixties to Reykjavik in Iceland, with her then American husband James Upham. There she met and fell madly in love with Swiss Fluxus artist Dieter Roth.

MCDONALD, LEE multiples

LEE MCDONALD, Window – green, 2021 [test 2219]

LEE MCDONALD, Window – green, 2021 [test 2219]
29 x 10 x 10 cm
hand made cardboard box, tape, spray paint can, sticker, plastic bag for spraying
spray painted certificate, hand written instruction sheet
+ personal link to film of test 2219
series of 6 unique DIY works
published by Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam
€ 350,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.LMcD 000

This edition is a DIY multiple. The owner is supposed to spray a window glass of any size by following the given instructions. When travel costs are paid, on request the artist is willing to apply the layer of paint ad hoc. Through a personal Internet link each edition number has been tested by Lee McDonald, i.e. the cardboard box itself.


RUCHAMA NOORDA, Rx, 2014 [edition for CUT magazine, issue 12]

16,5 x 11,5 x 2,5 cm
sealed pill, hand stamped cardboard box, instructions for use
edition 50
signed, print dated, hand stamped number
published by Cut issue 12 – magazine about art, Amsterdam
inv.RNo 000-pr

Sticker verso:
Ingredients: Compressed landscape. Contains fragments built structures, earth and plant matter collected from two early 20th century utopian communes, the colony of Llano del Rio in Southern California and Walden, a Life-Reform commune in the Netherlands.
Manufactured and tested by ReForm, Amsterdam.

CLOSKY, CLAUDE multiples

CLAUDE CLOSKY, Invisible Books, 2022 [set of 5 postcards]

CLAUDE CLOSKY, Invisible Books, 2022
set of 5 postcards, cellofan envelope
edition 250
published by Edition Taube, Munich-Zurich
For purchase see:
Taube Books – Claude Closky
inv.CCl 000

Unused bookshelves are in the first place at hand, it seems. Claude Closky imagined to have them filled with books, hence the various titles on the back of the cards.

MOSSET, OLIVIER multiples prints

OLIVIER MOSSET, Sans titre, 1995 [etching]

OLIVIER MOSSET, Sans titre, 1995
35 × 35 cm
signed, numbered
edition 150 + 5 HC
published by CEC / Centre d’Edition Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland
inv.OM 000

This circle within a circle was etched on a square copper plate. Its blind imprint is barely noticeable since there are no scratches in the non-engraved parts that is so characteristic for common etchings.
The edition was offered to members of the Centre Genevois de Gravure Contemporaine Association in 1995.

multiples SMITH, BOB and ROBERTA

BOB and ROBERTA SMITH, Art Is The New Rock’n’Roll, 2022 [tote bag]

BOB and ROBERTA SMITH, Art Is The New Rock’n’Roll, 2022
ca 70 x 35 cm
screen print on tote bag
limited edition
published by Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, Netherlands
For purchase see: Bob and Roberta Smith, shop Museum Voorlinden.
inv.B&RS 942

This Tote bag comes in two versions, one in red and one in black.