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Nov 142019
TAKAKO SAITO, Takako's, 2019 [tote bag]

TAKAKO SAITO, Takako’s, 2019 ca 69 x 37 cm firm tote bag, canvas edition CAPC / Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, France signed, dated inv.Tassen 619 During the opening at the CAPC in Bordeaux ca 14-20 tote bags were signed by Takako Saito.

Nov 142019
GENERAL IDEA, shopping bag, 1990

GENERAL IDEA, shopping bag, 1990 27,8 x 40 x 10 cm black glossy paper bag with offset adhesive-backed label edition unknown published by General Idea, Toronto, Canada inv.Tassen 619   This oblong shaped paper shopping bag was first presented at the ARCO Art Fair (1990) […]

Nov 042019
ROBERT BARRY, Over Time, 2019

ROBERT BARRY, Over Time, 2019 each 10,5 x 15 cm offset, set of 12 post cards signed, numbered edition 40 published by More Publishers, Brussels, Belgium inv.RBar 784   This is a suite of 12 postcards, send by post over time in 2019 at irregular […]