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Dec 182019
Gaffa Magazin, 2017-2019 [4 zines]

Gaffa Magazin, 2017-2019 ca A5 risograph copies, stapled 4 issues: Gaffa Nr. 6 – Dinosaurior, (March 2017) Gaffa – Heimspiel, edition 800 (December 2018) Ismail Abdallah, für Edition Gaffa, 11/50 (2019) Gaffa – El Neoray nr 21/50 (2019) published by Gaffa Magazin, Tenerife/Zurich inv.Gaff 819

Jan 012019
CUT magazine about art, issue #19 (November 2018)

CUT magazine about art, issue #19 was published in November 2018. The issue comes with an open letter to Dutch art critic Lucette Terborg / NRC-Handelsblad. Two limited editions are added: a sticker and wrapping paper of Lily van der Stokker. For Special Cut Subscribers a signed edition of 35 by Wjm Kok is tipped in at the back of the magazine.
Published by Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam