SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, ‘Ofrím – ljód eftir Sigurd Gudmundsson’, 1972 [artist’s book]


SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, ‘Ofrím – ljód eftir Sigurd Gudmundsson’, 1972 
16 x 14,9 cm
offset, book block, stapled, 10 pp.
edition 300
numbered (here not numbered)
condition: aged, without cover
published by Silver Press, Reykjavik / Amsterdam
inv.SG 000-pr

In the nineties Sigurdur Gudmundsson gave this book to me. It was his last copy that missed its cover. It is the first edition of Ofrím’ (English translation: ‘Over-rhyme’) with subtitle ‘Ljód eftir Sigurd Gudmundsson’. This was skipped in the second edition.

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, fax pages, 1999 [opening CEAC, Xiamen]

ca A4
photo copies of 3 sheets of fax paper,
comes with first invitation card of CEAC
published by CEAC, Xiamen, P.R. of China
inv.SG 000-pr

Sigurdur Gudmundsson writes about preparations of his exhibition in CEAC / Chinese European Art Centre in Xiamen and one in museum Het Domein in Sittard (Netherlands) scheduled in 2000.

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, The Universe is a Poem, 2021 [here signed]

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, The Universe is a Poem, 2021
18 x 13,2 cm
offset, HC, 46 pp.
here signed
published by Ars Longa, Braedslan, Djúpavogur, Iceland

This is a catalogue accompanying a solo exhibition at Ars Longa with artist’s statements on the first 7 pages on thinner paper in the front:
The universe is a poem.
The only way to understand my art is to love it.
My art is my way to live my life.
My art begins where my thinking leaves off.


“Ars Longa” is a contemporary art museum located in Djúpivogur. Its venue is an old abandoned fish factory in Borgarfjörður Eystri. In 2021 it has received a gift of twenty-seven art works by Sigurður Guðmundsson. All the works can be found in his solo exhibition “Alheimurinn er ljóð / The Universe is a Poem”, which opened in Bræðslan in Djúpivogur in July. Sigurður Guðmundsson, who together with Þór Vigfússon is the founder of the new museum, says he hopes that within a few years this museum property will become a venue with new inputs of works of art by contemporary artists, both foreign and Icelandic artists.

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Event, 1975-2000 [analogue photo for press]

15 x 19 cm
analogue photo print for press, sticker
published by Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam
mint condition
€ 500,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail

On 13 March 1996 The Independent published “Event” as a cartoonised plagiarism referring to a political situation in Great Britain: ‘Prime Minister, how do you feel about a referendum?’:

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, Fjörvit, 1996 [signed bag]

ca 41 x 29 x 4 cm
plastic bag, 7 publications, 11 photo copies (stapled)
published by Nýlistasafnið, Reykjavik, Iceland
inv.SG 949-pr


Each newspaper and magazine in this bag contains an article about group exhibition called Fjörvit (trans. Clear white) organised/curated by Sigurdur Gudmundsson at Nýlistasafnið / The Living Art Museum. Participating artists: Dan Wolgers, Carsten Höller, Christene Hohenbüchler and Irene Hohenbüchler. Among the publications also a stapled stack of 11 black and white photo copies is depicting an exhibition about plants and butterflies. For some reason or other the name of that artist is not mentioned.

The backside of the translucent museum bag shows an introductory text in Icelandic by Sigurdur Gudmundsson.