SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, The Universe is a Poem, 2021 [here signed]

SIGURDUR GUDMUNDSSON, The Universe is a Poem, 2021
18 x 13,2 cm
offset, HC, 46 pp.
here signed
published by Ars Longa, Braedslan, Djúpavogur, Iceland

This is a catalogue accompanying a solo exhibition at Ars Longa with artist’s statements on the first 7 pages on thinner paper in the front:
The universe is a poem.
The only way to understand my art is to love it.
My art is my way to live my life.
My art begins where my thinking leaves off.


“Ars Longa” is a contemporary art museum located in Djúpivogur. Its venue is an old abandoned fish factory in Borgarfjörður Eystri. In 2021 it has received a gift of twenty-seven art works by Sigurður Guðmundsson. All the works can be found in his solo exhibition “Alheimurinn er ljóð / The Universe is a Poem”, which opened in Bræðslan in Djúpivogur in July. Sigurður Guðmundsson, who together with Þór Vigfússon is the founder of the new museum, says he hopes that within a few years this museum property will become a venue with new inputs of works of art by contemporary artists, both foreign and Icelandic artists.