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artist's books printed matter VAN DER STOKKER, LILY

LILY VAN DER STOKKER, How I Went to New York 1983 – 1992 [autobiography]

LILY VAN DER STOKKER, How I Went to New York 1983 – 1992
22,2 x 17,2 cm
HC, 184 pp.
published by Les Presses du Réel, Dijon, France

The story in this biographical book start as follows:
‘The story I am going to tell is a story that Jack had said several times we should make a film of. In those days I was never interested in writing down everything, but here it is.

With a girlfriend I decided to travel to New York. It was meant to not be a short holiday. We thought it was the coolest place to go to. If we could survive in New York, that would be the ultimate challenge.
I told more than Jack intended me to tell, but I did it the way he said it: “Write it down, the Six Street Gallery story and all the things that happened with you, because it sounds like a movie.’

History of prices:
Okmhistoire, St Rémy-des-Monts, France, December 2022 US$ 130.-
Camden Art Centre, London, UK, June 2022 GBP 28.-

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