LAWRENCE WEINER, Relative to Hanging, 1975 [artist’s book]

LAWRENCE WEINER, Relative to Hanging, 1975
16,9 x 11,8 cm
SC, 24 pp.
edition 500
published by Edition After Hand, Ringkøping, Denmark
splendid condition
€ 185,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.LW 000-pr

This artist’s book defines five ways of handling the national flag of Denmark:
1. having stood for (as)
2. having stood in (as)
3. having stood up (as)
4. having stood over (as)
5. having stood down (as)
and hence creating various images of how one may use a flag e.g., in a patriotic sense, a colonial way, a representing manner, and so on.

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahier Clairefontaine, 2006 [Cahier Clairefontaine + drawing]

YANN SÉRANDOUR, Cahier Clairefontaine, 2006
22 x 17 cm
stapled, 32 pp.
signed, numbered, here nr 9/32
insert of original ink drawing on firm tracing paper
edition 32
published by Édition Cneai, Chatou, France
inv.YSer 000-pr

The couver of this edition was published in six colours: red, orange, yellow, blue, light blue and green.
The printed grids on the notebook pages of ‘Cahier Clairefontaine’ have been originally hand drawn by pupils of the Jules Verne Primary School in Croissy-sur-Seine in France and were reproduced in print. Industrially made notebooks are used for learning to write straight by making use of pre-printed horizontal blue and vertical red lines on each page.
The edition is 1500 of which 32 are numbered and signed.

gerlach en koop, Een sculptuur van zes meter lang, 2008 [booklet + photograph]

gerlach en koop, Een sculptuur van zes meter lang, 2008
21 x 15,1 cm
SC, sewn, 48 pp., insert: colour photograph
text by Hans Theys, English / Dutch
edition 300
published by gebr. genk, uitgevers, Den Haag
inv.GenK 000-pr

“A six metre long sculpture” is a hybride artist’s book, due to the addition of an essay by Hans Theys on the last 12 pages. For an artist’s book, that is a considerable part contributed by a third party.

The first part of the booklet starting on the couver depicts empty pages with a continuous red and blue scribbling at the bottom of each page. The total length is six meters, hence the sudden cut-off by means of a vertical line at the back of the booklet.

GERHARD RICHTER, 100 Abstract paintings, 2023

GERHARD RICHTER, 100 Abstract paintings, 2023
24 x 17 x 2,3 cm
HC, 208 pp., artist’s book
published by David Zwirner Books, New York, USA
US$ 50.- for sale at David Zwirner Gallery Gerhard Richter books
inv.GRic 000

Pouring out enamel paint, here originally onto glass plates is a method of working Gerhard Richter has done before. Partly based on chance he let the colour paint float over the surface, afterwards taking pictures of it for having these published in a book, like this one.
The book includes ad randomly chosen letter combinations put together into a kind of abstract concrete poetry.


History of price:
David Zwirner Gallery, New York, USA US$ 50.- July 2023 (year of issue)

HANS KOETSIER, Advertisements 1969-1981, 1984 [artist’s book + 16 newspaper prints]

HANS KOETSIER, Advertisements 1969-1981, 1984
60 x 46,4 x 2,5 cm
HC, offset, 93 plates (186 pp.), linen bound with bolts, ca 11 kgs.
signed on last page
rare in this condition
published by Staatsuitgeverij, Den Haag, Netherlands
added: 16 full page Vrij Nederland newspaper advertisements, vintage
extremely rare
€ 1.250,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.HKoe 000

Hans Koetsier initially worked in advertising and started painting in 1962. He painted figures and fragments of these and incorporated them into serigraphs. At the end of the sixties, he made his first blobby balloon-like sculptures and gradually the idea became more and more important. He developed into a conceptual artist with always a soft spot for typography and ideas written down as ideas. Director of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Wim Beeren suggested to him to advertise and in 1969 he placed his first series of advertisements with texts in national newspapers Het Parool, NRC Handelsblad, Art Forum (USA), Kunst (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) Studio International (UK) and on the front page of Dutch weekly magazine Vrij Nederland under the title ‘Random Art / Probability Art’.

Hans Koetsier has never shared his ideas within the Fluxus or Provo movement. Yet the fact cannot be denied that he had comparable autonomous thinking and acting. In the Netherlands Koetsier became known for unusual high-profile plans. For example, he once suggested establishing a national holiday, the ‘Day of Inspiration’, starting on Whit Monday 1980. The Dutch Prime Minister Van Agt was against the idea, because it would suggest that in the Netherlands there was a “fairly general lethargy”, which he said was not the case.
In Friesland, which according to Koetsier would be the last oasis left in the middle of industrialization, Koetsier wanted to build a watchtower in a place where the view around would still be intact.

Hans Koetsier became best known for placing advertisements in weekly magazine Vrij Nederland, which, in addition to short-sighted texts, often had an algebraic or enigmatic appearance.
KvG June 2023


Added: 16 newspaper pages

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 15 April 1978

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, February 1974

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 10 February 1973

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 2 February 1974

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 15 February 1975

Advertisement in Vrij Nederland, 31 December 1975

OLIVIER MOSSET, Biennale di Venezia, 1990 [catalogue]

OLIVIER MOSSET, Biennale di Venezia, 1990
40 x 30 cm
catalogue Swiss Pavilion, SC, 24 pp., 6 full colour spreads, sewn
text L’ objet qui n’en est pas un by Jean Beaudrillard in French, Italian, German and English
published by Schweizerisches Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern and Verlag Lars Müller, Baden, Switzerland
condition of dust couver: used
€ 220,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.OM 000_000-pr

Olivier Mosset is known for making huge paintings as shown among other venues in Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam and at the Venice Biennale, both in 1990.

page 8 – 9:

page 10 – 11:

page 16 – 17:

exhibition view Venice Biennale 1990, source Henry Magazine:

History of price:
Alternate Projects, London, UK August 2023 US$ 330.-
20th Century art Books, Lugano, Switzerland August 2023 € 268,-

ENDRE TÓT, Very Special Drawings, 1981 [artist’s book, signed]

ENDRE TÓT, Very Special Drawings, 1981
15,1 x 10 cm
SC, offset, printed in black and white, 7 pages in red
edition 600
condition excellent

published by Reiner Verlag, Berlin, Germany
€ 165,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.ETót 88

The strikethrough of the artist’s portrait at the beginning of the book is part of the page in print. Although, a special edition of 20 copies was published with a handmade drawing, apart from the regular edition.