artist's books KOZLOWSKI, JAROSLAW

JAROSLAW KOZLOWSKI, Lesson, 1975 [Lesson]

21,2 x 15,9 cm
SC, unpaginated
edition 400
published by Beau Geste Press, Cranleigh, Surrey, England
splendid condition
inv.JKoz 1087

artist's books

SOL LEWITT, Sunrise & Sunset at Praiano, 1980 [artist’s book]

SOL LEWITT, Sunrise & Sunset at Praiano, 1980
20 x 19,7 cm
SC, 16 pp., Lümbeck binding
published by Rizzoli International Publications Inc. and Multiples, Inc., New York, USA
condition: good to very fine, slightly colour aged
€ 450,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace EU registered mail

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21 x 21 cm
SC, 4 pp., hand bound; screen print on various kinds of paper, glued, linen spine
edition 200, here 1/200
signed, numbered
only 3-5 copies have been produced
published by Silver Press, Amsterdam / Reykjavík
condition: aged, with light bend in cover, minor foxing
extremely rare
€ 3.600,- plus Track & Trace registered mail
inv.KG 1048-pr

In the seventies Kristján Gudmundsson lived with his family in a large appartement in the Daniel Stalpaertstraat in Amsterdam. He produced more than a few books and “Ef/If” was one of his hand made artist’s books published by Silver Press, founded and owned by himself in Reykjavík, Iceland.
The complete book is in screen print, also the printed text on tracing paper that introduces the concept of the book:
Ef staer∂ þessarar si∂u táknar ibúafjölda jar∂arinnar, þá tákna hringarnir ibúi Kina, Tanzaníu of Íslands.

If the size of this page represents the number of people in the world, then the circles represent the people of China, Tanzania and Iceland.

The works of Kristjan Gudmundsson invite to contemplate on his method of working related to what his art encompasses. Usually texts on his works contain either personal memories or chronological summery. In fact, in many works he attempts time by time again to capture factual data into hand sized works, like here in this thin booklet that contains the amount of inhabitants of China, Tanzania and Iceland. In the middle of the last page a tiny bright white screen printed (sic) dot of 1 mm diameter may be detected, when exposed to strong daylight.
Right from the start the production of the book caused problems. In order to keep the costs low the text was prepared for the printer through adhesive letters, hence the dancing letters on the title page. The running direction of paper was not taken into account which caused waving binding. The very thin tracing paper of the first page stuck to the screen when printed. And the most problematic part of the book was the white circular dot of less than 1 millimeter on the last page; with a magnifying glass the print had to be checked every time, and more than quite often no dot at all could be detected; again a misprint. Not being well provided with capital Kristjan Gudmundsson soon stopped the production.

A very fragile and extremely difficult book to find; in Kristján Gudmundsson’s catalogues and monographs this book is always overlooked. Therefore, by now it may be considered almost as a unique work of art. KvG

artist's books WEINER, LAWRENCE

LAWRENCE WEINER, Thrown someplace, 1991

LAWRENCE WEINER, Thrown someplace, 1991
21 x 10 cm
SC, stapled, English/Dutch
edition 750
splendid condition, although slightly yellowed by age
published by Art & Project, Amsterdam
€ 85,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.LWein 1028

artist's books MCMAHON, BEAA printed matter

BEA McMAHON, Jesus and chlorophyll, 2012

BEA McMAHON, Jesus and chlorophyll, 2012
21 x 18 cm
SC, 46 pp., stapled, digital printing, screen print, paper collage on cover, incl. loose text page
edition 40
signed, numbered
published by Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
splendid condition
inv.BMcM 1022


This book edition contains 18 pages text by curator Maeve Connolly about the works of Bea McMahon, the other pages – 28 in total – are obviously pages that could fit into an artist’s book. This makes the edition into a hybrid book, i.e. partly catalogue, partly artist’s book.

artist's books GRAF, FRANZ printed matter

FRANZ GRAF, Schauraum : Kunstraum, 1992

FRANZ GRAF, Schauraum : Kunstraum, 1992
27 x 19 cm
SC, black and white offset print, 16 pp., stapled
publisher unknown
€ 120,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.FGra 998

Pages feature images of showroom mirrors and cars with texts on the car windows. Each black and white photo shows a circular form cut out from the image below on the same page. Apart from the first page, the publication looks like an artist’s book or a wrong catalogue of a car dealer with on the first page a text by curator Dr. Otmar Rychlik. This installation by Franz Graf was made in a car showroom of Mercedes Benz in Vienna, Austria, in 1992.

artist's books

DAVID SHRIGLEY, DDWOPT Idiot, 1996 [with felt pen drawing]

14,2 x 10,2 cm
SC, unpaginated
series of unique hand drawn cover
edition 400
published by The Armpit Press, Glasgow, Scotland
condition cover: slightly aged and smudgy
very rare
€ 350,- plus € 12,- Track and Trace registered mail
inv.DShr 973


Very rare edition and early artist’s book by David Shrigley, his 7th self-produced book. The cover is a drawing in coloured felt tip pen. The letters on the cover are standing for ‘Drawings Done Whilst On Phone To Idiot’.

The Armpit Press is a self-publishing press created by David Shrigley.

artist's books VAN LIESHOUT, JOEP

JOEP VAN LIESHOUT, 3000 Prefabricated sanitary units for application of mobile-homes, 1992

JOEP VAN LIESHOUT, 3000 Prefabricated sanitary units for application of mobile-homes, 1992
29,7 x 21 cm
SC, 12 pp.
edition 50
published by the artist
condition: very good, cover slightly discoloured
€ 180,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.JvLie 963


artist's books CARRIÓN, ULISES

ULISES CARRIÓN, The Muxlows, 1978

ULISES CARRIÓN, The Muxlows, 1978
22,9 x 11 cm
SC, 100 pp.
edition 300
published by Verlaggalerie Leaman, Düsseldorf, Germany
condition: slightly aged, at cover top side 3 tiny dents
€ 1.200,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.UCar 962


Introduction on fly leave:
‘The Muxlows’ is the history of an English family from Yorkshire. I found it in 1972, in the city of Leeds, in the last pages of a badly damaged bible. U.C.’

This book is a dry list of names that goes back to 1835 when Thomas Muxlow was born. It is the start of genealogical facts limited to birth and death. The first chapter “Parents names” is followed by “Childrens names”, “Marriages” and “Other family events”. In this way a family story is told as a family drama of generations, i.e. family members come and go. Again with this book Carrión’s shows his strong affinity with the method of archival order to set out a story similar to writing a novel.

A copy is in the Collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998

CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998
43,2 x 30,6 cm
8 pp., offset on thin paper, text in English and French
edition 100.000
published by Agnes B., Paris, France
mint condition
rare in this quality
€ 100,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace EU registered mail


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