artist's books CARRIÓN, ULISES

ULISES CARRIÓN, The Muxlows, 1978

ULISES CARRIÓN, The Muxlows, 1978
22,9 x 11 cm
SC, 100 pp.
edition 300
published by Verlaggalerie Leaman, Düsseldorf, Germany
condition: slightly aged, at cover top side 3 tiny dents
€ 1.200,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.UCar 962


Introduction on fly leave:
‘The Muxlows’ is the history of an English family from Yorkshire. I found it in 1972, in the city of Leeds, in the last pages of a badly damaged bible. U.C.’

This book is a dry list of names that goes back to 1835 when Thomas Muxlow was born. It is the start of genealogical facts limited to birth and death. The first chapter “Parents names” is followed by “Childrens names”, “Marriages” and “Other family events”. In this way a family story is told as a family drama of generations, i.e. family members come and go. Again with this book Carrión’s shows his strong affinity with the method of archival order to set out a story similar to writing a novel.

A copy is in the Collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998

CHRISTIAN BOLTANSKI, Point d’Ironie, 1998
43,2 x 30,6 cm
8 pp., offset on thin paper, text in English and French
edition 100.000
published by Agnes B., Paris, France
mint condition
rare in this quality
€ 100,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace EU registered mail


Available issues in mint condition:
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Nr 12 – Harmony Korine 1999
Hors série Point d’Ironie 2007 (“Société Anonyme”: Louwrien Wijers, o.a.)
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Nr 31 – Yoko Ono 2003
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Hors série interview Agnès B. 2004 (interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist)
Nr 36 – Tacita Dean 2005
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Nr 45 – Robert Crumb 2008
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Nr 48 – Walid Raad 2009
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Nr 50 – Christian Boltanski 2010
Nr 51 – Dayanita Singh 2010
Numéro spécial – Pierre Reimer 2011
Nr 54 – Pierre Henry 2013
Nr 56 – Robert Barry 2014


History of prices:
Original Sins, temple, UK GBP 125.- September 2021 i.e. Nr 05-Annette Messager


PIERRE LEGUILLON, The Museum of Mistakes, 2020

PIERRE LEGUILLON, The Museum of Mistakes, 2020
26,7 x 20,2 cm
HC, dust cover, 242 pp.
first edition 800 of which 100 are signed, dated and numbered with separately a dedication in print, ink stamp
including entrance ticket; here number 72
dedicated to Aditya Mandayam
published by Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich, Switzerland


In August 2020 Edition Patrick Frey offered a special edition on behalf of the launch of artist’s book “The Museum of Mistakes”. When ordered any name could be given that would become ‘part of the publication’ it was announced. It was not told how the name would become part of an entrance ticket to The Museum of Mistakes on name for life. The ticket reads:

‘Ticket valid for Aditya Mandayam.
Ticket valid from August 20, through forever.
Ticket can be used for any visit.
Ticket can be used for an unlimited number of guests.
Please retain this ticket for future visits.
Food and drinks allowed in rooms.
Photographs welcome!’

The deceased Indian artist Aditya Mandayam (1983-2019) will never be able to make use of this entrance ticket. The same counts for special edition number 71 that is dedicated to Steven Parrino (1958-2005). These tickets valid for ever are dedicated to these too young died and out spoken artists. KvG

In 2021 a second print was published: This is the first book to present a wide selection of works from the Musée des Erreurs, or Museum of Mistakes. Founded in Brussels in 2013 by Pierre Leguillon, the Musée des Erreurs is a traveling exhibition that encamps in the halls of brick-and-mortar museums—like a traveling circus that comes to town—and then moves on. The rest of the time, the collection is stored in the artist’s studio apartment, mainly in his kitchen cupboards. Most of the items are serially manufactured and of negligible material value: postcards, record sleeves, posters large and small, pieces of fabric, ceramics, folk art, children’s drawings, and other miscellany.

artist's books PAGE, IAN

IAN PAGE, YSL, 2019 [artist’s book]

20.8 x 14.5 cm
SC, offset, 20 pp.
several copies are signed, dated
published by the artist
€ 45,- plus € 13,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
inv.IPag 912

“YSL” is a booklet with short stories that jump from a 4th grade class to the third year of the American Civil War to a police officer of 27 years old. In all six stories Yves Saint Laurent perfume plays a bit of a surrealistic ingredient.

artist's books HORVITZ, DAVID

DAVID HORVITZ, Mood disorder, 2015

DAVID HORVITZ, Mood disorder, 2015
35 x 25 cm
SC, 72 pp., stapled
edition 2000
condition: very good
published by Chert, Berlin/Motto Books, Berlin-Lausanne/New Documents, Los Angeles-Vancouver


David Horvitz’s self-portrait with his head in his hands, ocean waves crashing in the background, was initially uploaded by him to the Wikimedia Commons, and placed on various Wikipedia pages. Mood Disorder documents the appropriation of David Horvitz’s photograph across the internet. The image began to circulate more intensely, appearing on over a hundred websites as a “stock” photo to illustrate articles on a wide range of mental health and wellness issues.

This artist’s book is still available at various selling venues.

artist's books KOK, WJM

WJM KOK & ROSA JOHANNA, Composition for four fingers, 2017

WJM KOK & ROSA JOHANNA, Composition for four fingers, 2017
29,2 x 21 cm
brochure, 12 pp, stapled
edition 15
published by Red Book
€ 50,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace EU registered mail (when ordered numbers may vary)
inv.WJM 909


Wjm Kok is used to number his works. Although this artist’s book is a cooperation with another artist, Rosa Johanna, he archived this brochure of five scores as ‘SN: 39180’.

artist's books photographs

GEOFFREY HENDRICKS, Five Found Photos, 1978 [artist’s book]

GEOFFREY HENDRICKS, Five Found Photos, 1978
15 x 22,2 cm
artist’s book, 5 tipped in photos
edition 600
signed, numbered, here 74/600
published by Printed Editions, New York, USA
condition: splendid, although front cover comes with a hardly detectable vertical bend on the right side
€ 200,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail


The artist’s book “Five Found Photos” includes a short text by Geoffrey Hendricks:
‘Last summer in Germany, rummaging through flee markets, I collected some old postcards and photographs. The collection was made casually just picking out what struck my fancy. One night I noticed certain photographs were of same people. Other cards seemed to go together because of similar structural elements. I began to group and regroup the material, pairing images visually, narratively, and numerically, seeing contrasts and similarities of form, subject, location, time, or emotion. Sometimes there were surprises. These five cards are one distillation from this process. They might imply a story, or a dream, perhaps a souvenir of a summer abroad. They are for reflection”

artist's books HIRSCHHORN, THOMAS printed matter

THOMAS HIRSCHHORN, À propos de mon exposition à la galerie de Jeu de Paume, 1994 [stapled picture book]

THOMAS HIRSCHHORN, À propos de mon exposition à la galerie de Jeu de Paume, 1994
24 x 17,1 cm
offset, stapled
unpaginated brochure with 72 full page black & white images
published by Éditions de Jeu de Paume, Paris, France
extremely rare

On the couver of this publication Catherine David wrote a short introduction on the work of Thomas Hirschhorn. Inside there are merely full page pictures of street situations and gallery installation views that look like taken in the streets. The brochure gives the impression that one deals with an artist’s book. This publication is extremely hard to find.

artist's books RAVEEL, ROGER

ROGER RAVEEL, Roger Raveel tekent over het tekenen van Roger Raveel, 1983

ROGER RAVEEL, Roger Raveel tekent over het tekenen van Roger Raveel, 1983
30,5 x 21,6 cm
artist’s book, with black and white plates, last page in black and red, HC, linen bound
edition 600, here nr 531/600
signed, numbered
published by Uitgeverij Kalamiteit, Dokkum, Netherlands
condition: very good



THE ARCHIVES – Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981

THE ARCHIVES-Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981
30,4 x 21,7 cm
artists book, HC, 30 pp., stamp numbered
edition 500, here nr 95/100
signed by all contributors; some stamp signed, here also signed by Peter van Beveren as published
exuberant amount of various materials and techniques,
inlay with list of artists
condition: more than excellent, hardly discoloured pages, although an age yellowed loose inlay with index,
like in all cases several metal parts by Klaas Gubbels have a finger print patina due to aging
€ 985,- plus € 20,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.PvBe 1077-pr


Peter van Beveren (born in 1952) started in the early 1970’s as conceptual artist, developed his passion for collecting by sending and also acquiring mail art. He initiated and managed The Archives / Art Information Centre and considered this part of his art practice. Later on in the mid eighties he became gallery owner of Galerie Van Beveren in Rotterdam. In 1981 for the Provincial Museum in Hasselt (Belgium) Peter van Beveren assembled contributions of the following artists: Robert Jacks, Woody van Amen, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Marinus Boezem, Christian Boltanski, Daniel Buren, Michel Cardena, Christo, Robin Crozier, Geurt van Dijk, Pieter Engels, Hans Eijkelboom, Ken Friedman, Ad Gerritsen, Klaas Gubbels, Wim Gijzen, Richard Hamilton, Dick Higgins, Tommy Mew, Maurizio Nannucci, Richard Nonas, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Yves De Sme, Al Souza, Endre Tot, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier and Wolf Vostell.

The first hundred copies are signed by Peter van Beveren.

History of prices:
William Allen Words & Images, London, UK January 2021 € 869,-