THOMAS SCHMIT, Erster Entwurf, 1989 [signed + ink drawing]

THOMAS SCHMIT, Erster Entwurf, 1989
20.5 x 15 cm
SC, 118 pp., artist’s book, offset, German language
edition 1600
here verso: signed in initials with hand written additions and small ink drawing
published by the artist (Selbstverlag)
€ 65,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registred EU mail
inv.TSch 000-pr

‘Erster Entwurf’ of Thomas Schmit’s is an artist’s book about phenomenology in which perception and physics playfully alternate, here and there in a literal manner. Thoughts and ideas on construction are never far away. The last page of the book reads:

“ich nehme wahr
ich nehme dies wahr
ich nehme wahr dass ich dies wahrnehme
ich nehm wahr dass ich wahrnehme”

(Trans. i perceive
i perceive this
i perceive that I perceive this
i perceive that I perceive)


The spine of the book shows an acrostichon:

KEVIN OSBORN, Real Lush, 1981 [artist’s book, signed]

KEVIN OSBORN, Real Lush, 1981
9,6 x 16,7 x 5 cm
artist’s book, two bolts binding
here signed and dedicated
edition 200
Private collection, Amsterdam
€ 345,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.KOsb 668-pr

Usually the semi-hard cover of this out of shape book is molested due to trying to go through the pages. Indeed, technically it is a difficult book to read; therefore it is wise to unscrew the bolts at the back of the book and start reading while carefully putting the loose pages back on the bolts.

In collection of Walker Art Center Library, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Ref. Artforum, Clive Phillpot, director of the Library, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA Real Lush May 1982

LOUWRIEN WIJERS, Art sprouts as a bloom, 1972 [edition, signed]

LOUWRIEN WIJERS, Art sprouts as a bloom, 1972
20.5 x 20.x x 1.5 cm
letterpress, paper, cardboard, 4 loose pieces of cardboard, 1 introduction page in Dutch on thin paper, rope
here signed
published by the artist / Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co, Hilversum, Netherlands
Private collection, Amsterdam
inv.LWij 000-pr

“I am offering this printed matter tonight to those attending the concert organized by Frans de Jong and Henk de Hoog. I describe what I believe is art and practicing art.”
“I wrote this piece several months ago out of a need to put into words my inner feelings about art and being an artist. It describes in a broad sense the interaction between art and life. I then printed that paper and sent it to a number of people. Frans de Jong suggested publishing it again on behalf of this evening. He himself made this second edition in his printing house.” Louwrien Wijers, 14 April 1972


page 1:


page 4:

ELVIRE BONDUELLE, WPSB #5, 2019 [artist’s book]

ca 20 x 15 cm
acrylic paint, cotton, SC, 16 pp. incl. couver
series of ca 8 unique artist’s books
signed, dated, numbered
published by the artist
€ 350,- plus Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.EB 80

Elvire Bonduelle likes the idea that a reader may become happy while looking at the blue waves as if holidays have started. Including the couver, all the pages of this soft book is hand painted.

GERHARD RICHTER, 100 Abstract Pictures, 2023 [artist’s book]

GERHARD RICHTER, 100 Abstract Pictures, 2023
23,5 x 16,6 cm
artist’s book, HC, 208 pp.
edition not mentioned
published by David Zwirner Books, New York, USA
US$ 50.- plus costs of mailing,
for purchase see David Zwirner Books Gerhard Richter 100 Abstract Pictures
inv.GRich 000-pr

“The 100 Abstract Pictures shown here originated about five years ago, when I poured enamel paints on a fifty-by-fifty centimeter glass plate. The paints then flowed into one another without completely mixing. Thus they produced countless ephemeral abstract pictures, which I captured in photographs. These pictures are juxtaposed in the book with text formations that were generated at random.” Gerhard Richter, 2023

JILL MAGID, Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy, 2007 [signed]

JILL MAGID, Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy, 2007
20,9 x 14,5 cm
SC, 54 pp., offset
numbered, signed
edition 800 of which 100 signed
published by Grove Press, New York, USA
€ 200,- plus € 18,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.JMag 000

inv.JMag 000

Press release Gagosian Gallery, New York, USA:

July 27th – August 24th, 2007
Press Release: Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce “With Full Consent”, Jill Magid’s first solo exhibition in New York, on display at the fifth floor space at 980 Madison Avenue. The show features an array of works linked by the investigation of the emotional and philosophical relationship between “protective” institutions and conventions, and individual identity. A prime example is Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy, a large-scale multimedia project initiated upon the artist’s return home after living abroad for five years. When an announcement over the subway PA informed everyone that any passenger may be subject to a search “for security reasons” Magid responded by approaching a police officer and asking him to search her. He refused, but she persisted. Ultimately she infiltrated his world – to a degree – Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy: police code for “love.”

History of price:
Rago Arts and Auction Center, Lambertville, NJ, USA 15 March 2023 US$ 275.- hammer price (2 books, unsigned)

JOHN M ARMLEDER, The John Armleder is a vegetarian book, 1973-’75 [artist’s book, signed]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, The John Armleder is a vegetarian book, 1973-’75
ca 25,5 x 18 cm
32 pp. (incl. couver)
hand made artist’s book: metal rings, very thin paper
edition 15, nr 11/15
fruit and ink stamps, fountain pen
condition: heavily yellowed due to aging and paper quality
extremely rare
published by Leather Wing Scribble Press, Geneva, Switzerland
inv.JMA 109-pr

This edition is part of a series of unique artist’s books, since all fruit prints are handmade.

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