LOUWRIEN WIJERS, Art sprouts as a bloom, 1972 [edition, signed]

LOUWRIEN WIJERS, Art sprouts as a bloom, 1972
20.5 x 20.x x 1.5 cm
letterpress, paper, cardboard, 4 loose pieces of cardboard, 1 introduction page in Dutch on thin paper, rope
here signed
published by the artist / Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co, Hilversum, Netherlands
Private collection, Amsterdam
inv.LWij 000-pr

“I am offering this printed matter tonight to those attending the concert organized by Frans de Jong and Henk de Hoog. I describe what I believe is art and practicing art.”
“I wrote this piece several months ago out of a need to put into words my inner feelings about art and being an artist. It describes in a broad sense the interaction between art and life. I then printed that paper and sent it to a number of people. Frans de Jong suggested publishing it again on behalf of this evening. He himself made this second edition in his printing house.” Louwrien Wijers, 14 April 1972


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