THE ARCHIVES – Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981

THE ARCHIVES-Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, 1981
30,4 x 21,7 cm
artists book, HC, 30 pp., stamp numbered
edition 500, here nr 95/100
signed by all contributors; some stamp signed,
here also signed – only first 100 copies – by Peter van Beveren
inlay with list of artists
condition: more than splendid, hardly discoloured pages, although with a yellowed loose inlay with index,
like in all cases several metal parts by Klaas Gubbels have a finger print patina appearing due to aging
€ 885,- plus € 20,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.PvBe 1077-pr


Peter van Beveren (born in 1952) started in the early 1970’s as conceptual artist, developed his passion for collecting by sending and also acquiring mail art. He initiated and managed The Archives / Art Information Centre and considered this part of his art practice. Later on in the mid eighties he became gallery owner of Galerie Van Beveren in Rotterdam. In 1981 for the Provincial Museum in Hasselt (Belgium) Peter van Beveren assembled contributions of the following artists: Robert Jacks, Woody van Amen, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Marinus Boezem, Christian Boltanski, Daniel Buren, Michel Cardena, Christo, Robin Crozier, Geurt van Dijk, Pieter Engels, Hans Eijkelboom, Ken Friedman, Ad Gerritsen, Klaas Gubbels, Wim Gijzen, Richard Hamilton, Dick Higgins, Tommy Mew, Maurizio Nannucci, Richard Nonas, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Yves De Sme, Al Souza, Endre Tot, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier and Wolf Vostell.

This iconic book contains an exuberant amount of various materials and techniques. The first hundred copies are signed by Peter van Beveren.

History of prices:
John Benjamins Antiquariat, Amsterdam December 2022 € 1.500,-
William Allen Words & Image, London, UK November 2022 US$ 913.-
Venduehuis, The Hague, Netherlands 14 April 2022 € 325,- (hammer price)
William Allen Words & Image, London, UK February 2022 US$ 1,045.-
Prentwerk, Groningen, Netherlands February 2022 € 550,-
William Allen Words & Images, London, UK January 2021 € 869,-

Stempelboek / Book of stamps, 1975 – Ken Friedman, John Armleder


Stempelboek / Book of stamps, 1975
30 x 21 x 2 cm
edition 51 + 39 HC
published by Brummense uitgeverij van Luxe Werkjes / Jan Brand, Arnhem – Peter van Beveren, Middelburg
not available

This artists book with hand made stamps has been made in co-operation with the Kunstinformatiecentrum in Middelburg run by Peter van Beveren. Some of the 34 contributions are signed a.o. Tim Ulrichs, Marten Hendriks, Hans Werner Kalkman, Robert Jacks, Ken Friedman, Klaus Groh, Uwe Kreutzfeld, John Armleder, Ben Sleeuwenhoek, Endre Tot and Woody van Amen. A few pages are slightly wrinkled due to the technique of stamping.

BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout No. 3, 1968 [magazine]


BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout No. 3, 1968
18,9 x 17,4 cm
includes all objects, as issued
printed matter and objects in plastic envelope with hand numbered sticker
stamp numbered, here number 00016
6 parts and 1 printed list of contents with felt pen hand drawing of a bocal
edition 100
not available anymore

In an accompanying text of this issue it is announced by Ben and Annie (Noël) that “Fourre-tout” number 3 will be the last one. It is explained that ‘The content of this jar is learning us to admit everything. It reads the idea through the object.’
Issues number 1 and 2 were published in 1967 in an edition 250 each. A copy of issue number 3 is in the collection of the MoMA in New York, USA. The museum has one of the 100 glass jars in its collection that accompanies this periodical with an edition of 100 (+ 1 larger ‘jar’ with original manuscripts), although archived separately from its publication.




Complete content of original plastic envelope “Contenu de l’enveloppe”:
KEN FRIEDMAN – print with ink stamped text: Friedman’zart
HENRY FLYNT – print: Overthrow the Human Race!!
BEN VAUTIER – cut page with pencil drawn circles (recto verso) from paperback book
BEN VAUTIER – punched postcard called There might be an aeroplane in the sky of this tiny postcard
ERIC ANDERSSON [sic]Tape piece, 3 tiny cards with texts/instruction + loose piece of tape
BEN VAUTIER/GEORGE MACIUNAS ? – small Fluxus bag with paste called A medicine for the asthma of Maciunas

Nota bene: This issue No. 3 is complete, although a glass jar the index is referring to as CONTENU DU BOCAL is lacking.



Extra information
Copy edition number 40/100 in the collection of the MoMa, New York. The glass jar with cork that is part of the publication has been archived by the museum separately.

BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout, No. 3, 1968
glass jar, label, felt-tip pen ink, cork, various objects
10,2 x 5,1 cm
being part of periodical
published by Ben and Anne Vautier
Collection MoMA, New York, USA

KEN FRIEDMAN, This is really it! This is really it! This is?, ca 1962-1968 [Fluxus]


KEN FRIEDMAN, This is really it! This is really it! This is?, ca 1962-1968
27,9 x 21,6 cm / 19,7 x 15,3 cm
prints on paper, folded as issued, petrified rubber band
3 parts from unknown source
inv.KFrie 1012

This is an unknown publication, probably connected to one of the “Fourre-Tout” publications produced by Ben Vautier in the sixties. An edition of 101 copies composed of two parts, i.e. a bocal and an envelope with artist’s contributions. For sale at Ben Vautier’s Fluxus shop ‘La Çedille qui rit’ in Nice, France. The theme of this issue “Fourre-Tout” (tr. mishmash) was apparently about “Realism”, although this is not explicitly outspoken in the accompanying text by ben Vautier.