BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout No. 3, 1968 [magazine]


BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout No. 3, 1968
18,9 x 17,4 cm
includes all objects, as issued
printed matter and objects in plastic envelope with hand numbered sticker
stamp numbered, here number 00016
6 parts and 1 printed list of contents with felt pen hand drawing of a bocal
edition 100
not available anymore

In an accompanying text of this issue it is announced by Ben and Annie (Noël) that “Fourre-tout” number 3 will be the last one. It is explained that ‘The content of this jar is learning us to admit everything. It reads the idea through the object.’
Issues number 1 and 2 were published in 1967 in an edition 250 each. A copy of issue number 3 is in the collection of the MoMA in New York, USA. The museum has one of the 100 glass jars in its collection that accompanies this periodical with an edition of 100 (+ 1 larger ‘jar’ with original manuscripts), although archived separately from its publication.




Complete content of original plastic envelope “Contenu de l’enveloppe”:
KEN FRIEDMAN – print with ink stamped text: Friedman’zart
HENRY FLYNT – print: Overthrow the Human Race!!
BEN VAUTIER – cut page with pencil drawn circles (recto verso) from paperback book
BEN VAUTIER – punched postcard called There might be an aeroplane in the sky of this tiny postcard
ERIC ANDERSSON [sic]Tape piece, 3 tiny cards with texts/instruction + loose piece of tape
BEN VAUTIER/GEORGE MACIUNAS ? – small Fluxus bag with paste called A medicine for the asthma of Maciunas

Nota bene: This issue No. 3 is complete, although a glass jar the index is referring to as CONTENU DU BOCAL is lacking.



Extra information
Copy edition number 40/100 in the collection of the MoMa, New York. The glass jar with cork that is part of the publication has been archived by the museum separately.

BEN VAUTIER, Fourre-Tout, No. 3, 1968
glass jar, label, felt-tip pen ink, cork, various objects
10,2 x 5,1 cm
being part of periodical
published by Ben and Anne Vautier
Collection MoMA, New York, USA