SOPHIE NYS, Wanted Librarian, 2017 [inlay]

SOPHIE NYS, Wanted Librarian, 2017
21 x 14.7 cm
offset, inlay in Posture Editions: Not to be fed, but to be famous – Sophie Nys, nr. 26, p. 64-65
inv.SNys 790


In 2016 Posture Editions invited 75 students of the HKU in Ghent to make a drawing that presents an imagination of a book of their own choosing. A full-scale drawing of each of the participating students is includ­ed and is mirrored opposite the original cover of the book chosen with the name of the speaker who originally introduced that book during a project called “Curating the Library” in Art Centre De Singel, Antwerp in Belgium.
This inlay and artist’s edition comes with a copy of Posture Editions number 26, 2017.



Posture Editions Nr 26:

Rubber, 1978, ‘Ulises Carrión’, Vol. 1, no. 6 [bulletin]

Rubber, 1978, ‘Ulises Carrión’
Vol. 1, no. 6
23,4 x 16,2 cm
bulletin, 8 pp. incl. cover, 10 original ink stamps by Ulises Carrion
good condition
published by Stempelplaats, Amsterdam
€ 345,- plus € 18,- registered mail Track & Trace
inv.Rubb 760


This issue of Rubber bulletin is entirely made on and by Ulises Carrión. It is one of the most important publications that reveal specifically his theories and practical thoughts about ink stamping in the visual arts. With short statements he comes to innovative points of view:

‘Every print of a rubber-stamp implies a choice by the artist. He creates not only when he designs his rubber-stamp, but also everytime he makes a print.’

‘In contrast with other means of reproduction – photography, for instance – rubber-stamps are associated with power.
Artists’ rubber-stamps reminds us of those other rubber-stamps that actually control and direct our lives.’

On the inner side of the cover a date stamp ’39 JAN 1988’ is depicted. This ink stamp refers to his concept of “Artists Work for the Future”. Through his choices of appropriation like homages, references, quotations, parodies and allusions he touches the notion of the worn out past and overestimated trends. Ink stamping is one of the media that can generate an interesting impetus to overcome clichés and open up unexplored territories today and in the future. In this sense ‘Artists work for the future’.


Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) was an artist, editor, curator, gallerist, archivist and theorist of the post-1970s avant-garde.

Rubber, 1979, ‘Diter Rot’, Vol. 2, no. 5 [bulletin]

Rubber, 1979, ‘Diter Rot’, Vol. 2, no. 5
23,4 x 16,2 cm
monthly bulletin
12 pp. + cover, loose folded sheets, 5 original ink stamps by Dieter Roth
condition: splendid, apart from bump at lower part of magazine
inv.Rubb 758

This bulletin is completely dedicated to Dieter Roth. The magazine with ink stamps was designed in cooperation with Dieter Roth.


Below: inner couver and first seven pages with original stamps

JAN HENDERIKSE / ALEXANDRA PHILLIPS, Pure Propaganda Magazine, 2015 [pop-up cards]

Photo: K. van Gelder, Amsterdam

JAN HENDERIKSE / ALEXANDRA PHILLIPS, Pure Propaganda Magazine, 2015
each ca 11 x 14 cm, unfolded 27.7 x 21.5 cm, 2 parts
pop-up card mounted on cardboard, blind and ink stamped envelope with gold seal, colour illustration, text
signed, numbered, here number 3/10
edition 10
published by Antoon Melissen, Amsterdam


Photo: K. van Gelder, Amsterdam

ULISES CARRIÓN, Rob or Marta, n.d. [ca 1981]

I'm going to produce an artwork involving people named either Rob (Bob, Robert, Roberto, etc.) or Marta (Martha, Marthe, etc.). Profession, nationality, and place of residence are irrelevant. Please return this card to me if you want further information.

Ulises Carrión, Rob or Marta, ca 1981, invitation to participate


ULISES CARRIÓN, Rob or Marta, n.d. [ca 1981]
14,4 x 10,4 cm
stencil print
condition: top side slightly bumped due to mailing
extremely rare
€ 450,- plus € 15,- registered mail Track & Trace

The text on this invitation reads: ‘I’m going to produce an artwork involving people named either Rob (Bob, Robert, Roberto, etc.) or Marta (Martha, Marthe, etc.). Profession, nationality, and place of residence are irrelevant. Please return this card to me if you want further information.’

The text on this invitation to get more details reads: 'I'm going to produce an artwork involving people named either Rob (Bob, Robert, Roberto, etc.) or Marta (Martha, Marthe, etc.). Profession, nationality, and place of residence are irrelevant. Please return this card to me if you want further information.'

FANDANGOS – nrs. superb issue!, 1978 [magazine]

FANDANGOS – nrs. superb issue!, 1978
30 x 21 cm
stickers, ink stamps
signed by Raúl Marroquin as Superbman
edition 500
published by Raúl Marroquin, Maastricht, Netherlands
excellent condition, very slightly aged
€ 225,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.RMar 969


This 4-in-1 Fandangos magazine has been the last issue of a series of 11 publications.
Numerous contributions by Raúl Marroquin including ‘From Video to T.V where he writes that ‘It is about time that Video Art becomes Television Art’ and Marroquin’s Vampires project, Paul Carter, Julia Hayward, Jana Haimsohn, Darcy Lange, Antonio Caro, Baladi, Angelika Schmid, Jonier Marin, Montadas, C. Garcia, Tobe Carey, Klaus Staek (2 pages), Jan Patric, David Zacki, J. Charlin, Eduard Bal, Sanja Ivekovic, Michel Cardena’s Live Video Performance (7 pages, includes Cardena rubberstamp), Tony Morgan’s live video performance at de appel, Marjo Schumans, Ben D’Armagnac, Elsa Stansfield, Madieon Hooykaas, Jantje Tetelepta, I. Akel, Joshua Jansen, Relly Carlo, Nan Hoover photographs from video by Koos Bay, Tony Pegotti (5 pages), Michael Krzyzanowski (2 pages), Ger van Dijk, John Liggins, Bob Takes/Michiel Romeyn, ‘Languages my friends speak’ by Ulises Carrion, Jorgos Chronis, Michael Gibbs, Marten Hendriks/ Ad Gerritsen, Marianne Heske, Kirsten Bates and Taki Bluesinger ‘Plumbing Repairs simplified’ (4 pages), Jenna Van Eegan, Richard Hefti, Yves de Smet, Nikolaus Urban, Jan Hendrix (3 pages), Reindeer Werk, Martha Hawley, Charlemagne Palestine, Peter Hutchinson, Phillip Pearlman, Anne Tardos, Roger Cutforth, Willoughby Sharp’s collage narratives ‘The Nation, the Region, Ideas and trends.’ (10 pages), R Heyman, Douglas Davis, Jean Depuy, Scott Burton, Larry Miller, Jacki Apple, Laurie Anderson, Jeffrey Deitch, Dalibor Martinis, Marcia Resnick, Anna Banana (3 pages), Rita Yokoi. The photographs by Geurt Van Dijk, A.Rainer and Dieter Rot, Luigi Ontani, Boltanski, Ad Gerritsen, A.Messager, Jurgen Klauke, B.Sleeuwenhoek all include the artists’ names in rubber stamps next to the images. Also ink stamps of various emblemata.

Includes articles on “Superbman”, the ‘nation’s number one citizen’, a character created by Raul Marroquin who, the article describes, was appointed as “Friendship Ambassador to Europe”. The article is uniquely handsigned by Raul Marroquin as Superbman: “With love Fandangos – Superbman” in red marker pen. Includes another article on Superbman’s nemesis a sado-masochistic underworld-type character called ‘Nikos Nukos the Worst’.
Other articles include “A lecture on video in museum” by Drs I.L Szenassy (5 pages in Dutch) and ‘Visual poetry as a form of marginal art’ by Peter Frank. Interviews with Ulises Carrion (in English) Maarten van Regteren Altena (in English), Robert Filliou (in Spanish), ‘Yogo’ the false-name of a Dutch drug trafficker (in English), Costa Gravas (in French), Art Taylor (in English), and Mohammed Ali (In English). Articles and texts vary between in English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

History of prices:
UnOriginals, UK April 2024 GBP 245.-
William Allen Word & Image, London 26 December 2020 GBP 125.-

ULISES CARRIÓN, Alphabet, 1981 [Embryo No. 13 – stack of 20 cards]

ULISES CARRIÓN, Alphabet – Embryo No. 13-cards, 1981
14,9 x 10,5 x 0,5 cm
stack of cards, offset
cover card with sticker, green text card, 20 postcards, plastic seal bag
edition unknown
published by Embryo magazine, Stockholm, Sweden
extremely rare
€ 850,- plus € 12,- Track & trace registered EU mail
inv.UCar 479

including postcard of Ulises Carrión: Alphabet, 1981

ULISES CARRIÓN, Alphabet, 1981
14,9 x 10,5 cm
offset, postcard

This card depicts a drawing of an alphabet starting in the middle. The letters are drawn in such a way they they never cross each other, making it into a kind of labyrinth.

Participating artists:
Sten Hanson, Sweden: 96
Max M Book, Sweden: Trans-
J.O. Mallander, Finland: The Anxiety of Influence
Stig Sjöland, Sweden, Swing
Hans Clavin, Holland: (phrase)
Jim Axen, Sweden: Nu
Mats B., Sweden: Life is a tram
Bjørn Nørgaard, Denmark: Kunstneren i Paris
C M von Hausswolff, Sweden: Jordmån IV
Hans Esselius, Sweden: Imagobild nr. 1 – Esse Williams
Eva Löfdahl, Sweden: ur Halt
Peter Andersson, Sweden: Hanging
Likka-Juhani Takalo-Eskola, Finland: Grenens frihet
Leif Elggren, Sweden: Framförande II
Pug Karlsson, Sweden: Excursion Area/Revisited
Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Sweden: Enbart en gradvis förskjutning
Åke Hodell, Sweden: Electronic Brain Wash
Henrik Francis Thomsen, Denmark: Articulation Gramma 3
Curt Olson, Sweden: Art trainery
Ulises Carrion, Holland: Alphabet