SOPHIE NYS, Wanted Librarian, 2017 [inlay]

SOPHIE NYS, Wanted Librarian, 2017
21 x 14.7 cm
offset, inlay in Posture Editions: Not to be fed, but to be famous – Sophie Nys, nr. 26, p. 64-65
inv.SNys 790


In 2016 Posture Editions invited 75 students of the HKU in Ghent to make a drawing that presents an imagination of a book of their own choosing. A full-scale drawing of each of the participating students is includ­ed and is mirrored opposite the original cover of the book chosen with the name of the speaker who originally introduced that book during a project called “Curating the Library” in Art Centre De Singel, Antwerp in Belgium.
This inlay and artist’s edition comes with a copy of Posture Editions number 26, 2017.



Posture Editions Nr 26: