WJM KOK, Monochrome 360º (Revaleiland), 2020 [card]

WJM KOK, Monochrome 360º (Revaleiland), 2020
SN 68172
10,4 x 14,8 cm
offset, verso residual glue and paper, cellophane envelope, sticker
edition 81, here number 28/81
signed, dated, numbered
published by the artist
€ 35,- plus € 5,- Track & Trace NL registered mail
inv.WJM 1034_1043

During the pandemic in 2020 Dutch advertising columns were temporarily out of use for advertising. They were all around set on hold and covered with a blue colour print on paper. Wjm Kok appropriated a considerable amount of these unused so-called ‘peperbussen’ in Amsterdam by merely localising them. He took a picture of each cylindrical column, adding a title and Serial Number.
Due to weather conditions the blue posters came down partly. A colleague teared some of these parts off. When this was offered to him, he decided to cut the torn off poster parts into cards. With this less ephemeral and more concrete gesture he brought this work closer to the approach of the American appropriation artists who materialised their ideas by putting the borrowed products merely on display, although without the need for manual work. KvG

Appropriated advertising column opposite Herengracht 213, Amsterdam

WJM KOK, Magic Mug, 2020

WJM KOK, Magic Mug, 2020
ca 9 x 11 x 7,5 cm
thermo print on ceramics
signed, numbered
edition 90
published by the artist
€ 45,- plus € 8,- Track & Trace EU registered mail

WJM KOK & ROSA JOHANNA, Composition for four fingers, 2017

WJM KOK & ROSA JOHANNA, Composition for four fingers, 2017
29,2 x 21 cm
brochure, 12 pp, stapled
edition 15
published by Red Book
€ 50,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace EU registered mail (when ordered numbers may vary)
inv.WJM 909


Wjm Kok is used to number his works. Although this artist’s book is a cooperation with another artist, Rosa Johanna, he archived this brochure of five scores as ‘SN: 39180’.

WJM KOK, Off Color (Crimson), 2019


WJM KOK, Off Color (Crimson), 2019
7 x 7 cm
oil paint on canvas, wooden mini-easel; ca 11 x 8 x 8 cm
open series, unique works
signed, dated
€ 222,- plus € 12,- registered mail Track & Trace

When ordered colour will differ from the colour shown above.


Striking in the work of Wjm Kok is his interest in open or closed series, i.e. limited in number as a pure consequence of a conceived system. He wants to make series that are not a goal in itself, but rather a result of a method to keep as far away as possible from an emotional choice. He likes to make work that is not hierarchical and that also does not refer to a pronounced uniqueness.

In the open series ‘Off Color’, Wjm Kok mixes a color directly on the canvas with the help of seven ad randem tufts of paint squeezed from the paint tube. The color is not easily predictable and often also produces a surprising effect for him during the making.

WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 1992 [color book]

WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 1992
33,9 x 25 cm
offset, stapled color book
signed, numbered, dated
edition 200
published by the artist


This edition was never completed; circa 50 copies were made. Here a used copy with sticker residues is shown.

The prints and paintings (1991-present) with the name Maxi-Color are part of a large group of works in which an industrial product is appropriated by the artist. On the one hand, this group of works can be divided into ‘appropriation art’ and, on the other hand, into a product that is ‘already made’ as Marcel Duchamps put it. An ‘objet trouvé’ as the colour book featured above.

WJM KOK, Maxi-Color, 2012 [7 prints]

Maxi-Color (Ice Cream), 2012
various sizes, 7 parts, framed
print on paper
unique series of 36
Collection Utrechts Medisch Centrum, Utrecht, Netherlands
published by the artist                             € 3.000,-   October 2012

Each image of this unique series Maxi-Color in seven parts in size successively reproduced from circa stamp size to A4 comes from a children colour book called Maxi-Color. All together there are 32 different icons framed as ready mades.