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Aug 102019

DOROTHY IANNONE, A Thousand and One Songs for Erik Bock, 2019
43 x 30,7 x 2,5 cm
cardboard box, loosely inserted colour photo in glued on photo corners, 9 offset prints incl. index sheet with credits, 2 CD’s fixed on inner side of lid, postcard
signed, numbered
edition 150
published by Tochnit Aleph, Berlin, Germany


“Not every love is forever, nor is an unimaginable longevity necessary in order that a love qualify as memorable. I once derived a great deal of pleasure as well as artistic inspiration (and eventually, some pain, I must admit) from a sexual and intellectual friendship with an emotionally thrifty (as he himself would be the first to admit) but very beautiful gentleman from a neighbouring country, north of Berlin, my adopted home, and whom I’m so glad I met long ago.

“These recordings were made for him, to give him pleasure, and pride in his being, as well as for myself, so that I could continue my immersion in our relationship when, for short periods, we were apart…..”

From the liner-notes by Dorothy Iannone, November 2017