GUGLIELMO ACHILLE CAVELLINI, Untitled, 1973 [screen print on canvas, signed]

72 x 59,5 cm
screen print on white canvas
hand signed initials with pencil, dated
edition 100, here a not numbered print
verso: stamped with artist’s name and address
condition is very fine, with four pinholes in the corners
€ 200,- plus € 20,- registered mail Track & Trace

This cloth object with Italian text is a reproduction of the artist’s handwriting. Guglielmo Achille Cavellini is a prominent Mail Artist, associated with the Poesia Visiva movement. In 1971 he invented autostoricizzazione (self-historicization), upon which he acted to create a deliberate popular history surrounding his existence, preferably in his personal handwriting. He was well known for his performances in lettered suits and this self-created historification from birth until 2037, including the announcements on his various years of death.

History of prices:
Palazzo Cigola-Fenaroli-Valotti, Brescia, Italy € -,- 10 February 2023
Casa d’Aste Capitolium, Italy € 140,- (i.e. nr 28/100), 10 December 2020 (hammer price)
Artesegno Casa d’Aste, Udine, Italy € 100,- 5 July 2017 – nr 85/100, (excl. premium)
Finarte/Semenzato Casa d’Aste, Venice, Italy € 1.860,-, 18 October 2008 – not numbered print (incl. premium)