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multiples printed matter RIST, PIPILOTTI

PIPILOTTI RIST, Pepperminta, 2005 [box with printed matter]

PIPILOTTI RIST, Pepperminta, 2005
25 x 18,7 x 2,8 cm
cardboard box, linen bound
various items, printed matter, 17 parts + stiff paper board
inv.PRis 864


This box includes images of dreams, saints, dreams and ideas of paradise. Rist is renown for her mesmerizing slow-video installations that are mixed with visual art, music, architecture, and social politics. Her work features often erotic and uncanny images of her own body. She states on one of the inlays: ‘The body is a planet. It wants to be a paradise. Paradise calms down fever’
This box was published on behalf of the Venice Biennale 2005 in which Pipilotti Rist represented Switzerland with a solo exhibition. All loose items may be considered as artist’s publications, apart from the colophon insert.


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....the real avant-garde is in the head.