OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled (Rain Forest), 2019 [screen print]

OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled (Rain Forest), 2019
94 x 68 cm
silkscreen print, on c-mat 150 grams paper
signed, numbered
edition 25 + 5 AP
published by More Publishers, Brussels, Belgium
€ 750,- plus € 25,- Track & Trace EU registered mail

The screen print “Untitled (Rain Forest)” has a Fluxus-like touch in the way the photo has been taken. Olivier Mosset took a snapshot of a small red monochrome painting that was hanging in his studio. For the print this photo was rendered in a monochrome layer and silkscreen printed in the exact same red as the original painting.

History of prices:
More Publishers, Brussels, June 2024 sold out
More Publishers, Brussels, July 2022 € 500,-
More Publishers, Brussels, July 2021 € 400,-
Artsy.net, Berlin, Germany, 5 March 2020, US$ 1,900.- *)
More Publishers, Brussels, January 2019 € 150,- (year of issue)

*) Friends Seminary Benefit Auction 2020 for a 233-year old school, i.e. NYC’s oldest co-educational independent Quaker school