OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled (Rain Forest), 2019 [screen print]

OLIVIER MOSSET, Untitled (Rain Forest), 2019
94 x 68 cm
silkscreen print, on c-mat 150 grams paper
signed, numbered
edition 25 + 5 AP
published by More Publishers, Brussels, Belgium
€ 650,- plus € 25,- Track & Trace EU registered mail
or contact More Publishers for availability and price


One day when George Maciunias heard about the circle paintings of Olivier Mosset he asked him to contribute to one of his Flux boxes. Based on the many circle paintings Mosset made Maciunias considered him a Fluxus artist, something that Olivier Mosset laughingly denied and refused to accept. Nevertheless George Maciunas produced a box with hand made red confetti: Flux Dots By Mosset Total Art Nice.
The screen print “Untitled (Rain Forest)” has also a Fluxus-like touch in the way the photo has been taken. Olivier Mosset took a snapshot of a small red monochrome painting that was hanging in his studio before being auctioned for a rain forest benefit. For the print this photo was rendered in a monochrome layer and silkscreen printed in the exact same red as the original painting, giving this work a conceptual touch.

History of prices:
More Publishers, Brussels, July 2022 € 500,-
More Publishers, Brussels, July 2021 € 400,-
Artsy.net, Berlin, Germany, 5 March 2020, US$ 1,900.- *)
More Publishers, Brussels, January 2019 € 150,- (year of issue)

*) Friends Seminary Benefit Auction 2020 for a 233-year old school, i.e. NYC’s oldest co-educational independent Quaker school