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ANDRESSON, BIRGIR artist's books Artists' books from Iceland

BIRGIR ANDRÈSSON, Eyktarmörk se∂ frá Haekinsdal í Kjós, n.d. [1979]

BIRGIR ANDRÈSSON, Eyktarmörk se∂ frá Haekinsdal í Kjós, n.d. [1979]
20 x 16 cm
artist’s book, SC, 8 pp. + 7 pages of tracing paper in between the photographic images
published by the artist / printed at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands
splendid condition, very rare


The title of Eyktarmörk se∂ frá Haekinsdal í Kjós could at best be translated as Orientation point of dayparts seen from Haekinsdal in Kjós.
This artist’s book of Birgir Andrèsson (1955 – 2007) shows seven parts of the day with the help of reading the shadows on surrounding mountains at fixed moments of the day. In the 18th century Icelanders in the countryside used this method for reading the time within each period of 24 hours. The eighth period of twelve ‘o clock at night was never used.

The book is dedicated to Douwe Jan Bakker (1943-1997) who lived and worked in Haarlem and visited several times Iceland where he studied the Icelandic vocabulary related to different conditions and characteristics of the Icelandic landscape.

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