TAUBA AUERBACH, untitled, 2013 [clock]

TAUBA AUERBACH, untitled, 2013 [clock]
diameter 26, cm
clock, battery, original wrapping
edition unknown
published by The Thing Quarterly, San Francisco, CA, USA

Tauba Auerbach plays in a phenomenological way with readability and abstraction, permeability and solidity – phenomena that she unifies within surfaces and volumes. Here in her clockwork multiple she has compressed the traditional clock plate with Roman figures from I-XII into figures from I – XXIII plus a nil position representing figure XXIV.

TAUBA AUERBACH, [2,3], 2010

TAUBA AUERBACH, [2,3], 2010
50,8 x 40,6 x 15,2 cm / 20 x 16 x 6 inches
6 pop-up volumes, cloth slipcase, edition 1000 + 100 AP
published by Tauba Auerbach / Printed Matter, New York, USA
not available


History of prices:
Printed Matter, New York, USA € 430,- / US$ 550.-   September 2012