artist's books BANNER, FIONA

FIONA BANNER, ISBN-978-1-90711-8-99-9, 2010

FIONA BANNER, ISBN 978-1-907118-99-9, 2010
Silver or white cover, edition 200                                                                                                                                                             Fiona Banner / The Vanity Press, London, England   –

€ 116,- / US$ 150.- September 2012

Fiona Banner’s practice centres on possibilities of language. From her ‘wordscapes’ to her use of a found and transformed military aircraft, Banner juxtaposes aggressiveness and the sensual, performing elements of intimacy, attraction and alienation. The artist alternates between the pathos of battle in her monumental sculptures, and a sense of humor in her works on paper in relation to how we mythologize our history, based on our willingness to be seduced by myths.

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