MARC BAUER, Untitled, 2013 [shopping paper bag]

MARC BAUER, Untiled, 2013
paper bag
signed, numbered
edition 100
published by Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland                            € 100,-   January 2013

Marc Bauer lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. His drawings, installations and videos suggest a mix of childhood memories and fantasies that repeatedly transgress taboos. His works unsettle a traditional understanding of morality. The lines in his drawings are so out of focus, in fact, that here and there they barely give shape and definition, blending and dissolving often into a mist of gray. With all their blurring and smudging, his drawings seem to emulate painting. In this, technically, Marc Bauer plots a new twist in the classical story of drawing versus painting. Here butterflies are symbolizing freedom or innocence, yet this depicted beauty of nature is paradoxically put in order and apparently framed.