MATIAS FALDBAKKEN, Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.), 2012

MATIAS FALDBAKKEN, Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.) 1-5
60 x 55 cm
Marker pen on printed plastic bag, series of 5 unique works, framed
publishers by ICA, London, UK


“Untitled (Plastic Bag / B.F.) 1-5 are a continuation of the artists’ ‘container’ works previously involving wardrobe lockers, VHS cassettes, liquor bottles, newspaper vending machines and empty Marshall cabinets. With these works Faldbakken tries, in various ways, to collapse the difference between sculpture and mould, container and content. These ‘plastic bag drawings’ are an ongoing series which the artist has presented in various forms and configurations, sometimes framed uniformly and precisely, often simply taped to the wall with packing tape. The bags are printed with cropped newspaper images which the artist then further works on with an abbreviated text drawn sketchily with marker pen. In this case the ‘writing’ says B.F.”

History of price:
ICA, London, UK € 2.000,- July 2012 (year of launch)

MATIAS FALDBAKKEN, Untitled (Plastic Bag), 2010


MATIAS FALDBAKKEN, Untitled (Plastic Bag), 2010
42,4 x 29 cm / 16.7″ x 11.44″
archival ink-jet print, numbered, certificate of authenticity
edition 20
Benefit Edition, Los Angeles, USA                        € 280,- / $ 350.- July 2012


Intervention #21 – Matias Faldbakken

September 1 2012 – January 27 2013

“A small selection of the work of Matias Faldbakken (Denmark, 1973) will be showing in the museum’s Klaverblad spaces. Faldbakken is known for his radical, provocative attacks on existing traditional structures and value systems. You could call him a conceptual saboteur, who expresses his ideas through literature and visual art forms, such as sculpture, installations, photography and film. With works like Untitled (Locker Sculpture #2) and Untitled (Garbage Bag #21) his presentation combines a convincing aesthetic with provocation and vandalism.” Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands.