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FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples

SYLVIE FLEURY, Frisbee, 2022 [bikini]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Frisbee, 2022
bikini, size L, 8 tags, including Vilebrequin pouch
signed in print, both on linen labels and tags
produced by JPR Editions / Vilebrequin, Geneva, Switzerland

On one of the tags can be read: ‘Sylvie Fleury explores the crossovers between art, fashion, tuning, and the New Age aesthetic. She plays with the codes of these cultural fields as forms of self-customization’.

Photos: K. van Gelder, Amsterdam

FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples

SYLVIE FLEURY, Scandal – Hot Rod, 2022 [beach towel]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Scandal – Hot Rod, 2022
175 x 86 cm
beach towel, polyester, cotton, box, 2 cards
published by JPR Editions, Geneva, Switzerland
edition unknown
inv.SF 000

© Foto: Iris S. van Gelder, Amsterdam

FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples

SYLVIE FLEURY, untitled, ca 2004 [print, Contemporary edition]

SYLVIE FLEURY, untitled, ca 2004
19,8 x 21 cm
edition 4500
hand stamped signature, numbered in pencil
published by Contemporary, London, UK
inv.SF 000-pr

Contemporary was a monthly art magazine based in London, founded and edited by Keith Spencer as a quarterly publication. It re-emerged twice, the first time as Contemporary Art in 1993 and the second time again as Contemporary in 2002, but this time not limited anymore to visual arts. Once subscribed to the magazine each issue came with a print, with ink stamped signature and sometimes hand signed on sticker or just authorised with a text of origin.

FLEURY, SYLVIE printed matter

SYLVIE FLEURY a.o., 1993 [invitation card]

SYLVIE FLEURY a.o., 1993
invitation card
published by Galerie Saqqârah, Gstaad, Switzerland
splendid condition
inv.SF 000

FLEURY, SYLVIE printed matter

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vital perfection, 1991 [catalogue]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vital perfection, 1991
15,5 x 13 cm
SC, stapled, 12 pp., inlay with text
published by Galerie Philomene Magers, Bonn, Germany
extremely rare
condition: very good, although slightly daylight bleached alongside spine at the front of cover
inv.SF 1074-pr

This is the first catalogue of works by Sylvie Fleury. Shopping bag installation “It’s Clinique Bonus Time’ (1991) has been installed by her for a second time at Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam in 1992. She added some bags to it, including the shoppings from where she got the paper bags from in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.

For some reason it is never mentioned that the paper bag installations contain the original shoppings Sylvie Fleury did. At least here in this case. At the time she installed the piece she doubted to take her shoppings with her back home, since all these cloths were personal belongings that fitted her.

Below a list of the shoppings done in LA.

FLEURY, SYLVIE printed matter

SYLVIE FLEURY, Hotheels, 1999 [box with postcards, 2 sets]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Hotheels, 1999
13,5 x 18,7 x 3 cm
2 sets of six different notecards in wrappers, 13 envelopes, cardboard box
published by Hugo Boss
very good condition, rare
€ 245,- plus € 15,- track & Trace registered EU mail

This publication with 2 sets notecards in cardboard box was produced to mark the auction of Sylvie Fleury Formula 1 Dress created by Hugo Boss.

FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples photographs

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vogue, 1992 [Galerie van Gelder Editions]

SYLVIE FLEURY, Vogue, 1992
each 28,6 x 23 cm / size cassette open: 32 x 52,5 cm
edition 24
each cassette contains 2 analogue photo prints
colour photos on aluminum, linen covered cassette
one signed photo as issued, numbered, dated
Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam
inv.SF 000


recto signed copy:


More detailed information:
For her solo exhibition in Galerie van Gelder Sylvie Fleury made a drawing ad hoc in which is shown how she wanted to have the VOGUE edition spread out all over the gallery walls. The small squares in the drawing refer to the artist’s idea.

SYLVIE FLEURY, drawing, 1992
29,7 x 21 cm
byro ink on paper, with note in pencil by KvG
inv.SF 000

FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples

SYLVIE FLEURY, Formula One Dress, 1999 [incl. shoulder bag and protection zip-suitcase]


SYLVIE FLEURY, Formula One Dress, 1999 + 2 bags
dress 147,3 x 72,4 cm / 58 x 28 1/2 inches, fitting shoulder bag (stretched out size: 76,8 x 33 cm / 30 1/4 x 13 inches)
hand-tailored dress with original Formula One fabric, original Formula One logos, two-way zipper and printed lining dress;
including customized silver coloured shoulder bag manufactured by Hugo Boss and also black Hugo Boss BIG BAG protective storage bag,
original packaging
signed and numbered on inside label
edition 100
very rare in this condition (incl. black storage bag)
Private collection, Amsterdam
ask for details


During the Hugo Boss launch in 1999 of Sylvie Fleury’s Formula One Dress dress fashion models walked around who drank wine, champagne and the like. Quite a few dresses came out of this with stains. More than two decades later to find a dress in this never-used and pristine condition is a rarity.






History of prices:
Quittenbaum Kunstauktionen, Munich, Germany, 29 June 2022 € 3.000,- (excl. black storage bag and 34% premium)
Kunzt Galerie, Munich, Germany, March 2021 € 11.300,-
Kunzt Gallerie, Munich, Germany, 12 October 2020 € 11.300,-
Phillips, London, UK, £5,000 – 7,000 September 2010 (estimate)

FLEURY, SYLVIE multiples

SYLVIE FLEURY, Edition 120, 1993


SYLVIE FLEURY, Edition 120, 1993
50 x 50 cm
synthetic fur, original cardboard box with sticker
edition 120, hand numbered
published by Neue Galerie Graz, Austria
extremely rare with box as issued

Sylvie Fleury Edition 1993, verso:



Mont Blanc paper shopping bags, 2002 [Jean-Marc Bustamante, Anne and Patrick Poirier, David Lachapelle, Gary Hume, Sylvie Fleury and Sam Taylor-Wood]


Mont Blanc paper shopping bags, 2002
each 25 x 18 x 7,5 cm
signed in print, machine numbered
splendid, mint condition
limited edition of 4810
very rare as set of 6
€ 1.450,- plus € 32,- Track & Trace registered mail

Shoppings bags by Jean-Marc Bustamante: Untitled, 2002
Anne and Patrick Poirier: ‘Demail le soleil rouge se levera aussi sur le mont blanc’, 2002
David Lachapelle: ‘All American’, 2002
Gary Hume: ‘Love letter in your pyjamas’, 2002
Sylvie Fleury: ‘Kustom Bag Kommando’, 2002
and Sam Taylor-Wood: ‘Kyoto girl’, 2002