HUBER, THOMAS multiples

THOMAS HUBER, Der Duft des Geldes, 1992 [soap multiple, signed]

THOMAS HUBER, Der Duft des Geldes, 1992 [soap]
12 x 12 x 4 cm
cardboard box, piece of soap, leporello print
edition ca 1000, of which 60 signed with gold felt pen ink
signed, dated 11-20 sept 92
publisher Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands
€ 190,- plus € 12,- Track & Trace registered mail

When Thomas Huber in 1989 was commissioned by the Bayerische Hypothek Bank, he proposed to “melt the bank’s capital into soap”. The client declined the honor, after which Huber continued to work on his plan without the bank. He made a large number of paintings, drawings, watercolors and a scale model of the bank. In 1992 he exhibited in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht on the occasion of which an edition was published. The value of things – and therefore art was – questioned and money was turned into soap.

Nevertheless with the sale of the soap edition, soap was converted back into money. KvG

inv.THub 478