KELLEY, MIKE LAWLER, LOUISE multiples printed matter prints

MIKE KELLEY, Love, Theft, Gifting and More Love, 2009 [tattoo patch print]

MIKE KELLEY, Love, Theft, Gifting and More Love, 2009
15,6 x 17,2 cm
iron on patch print; bent as issued, instruction sheet

LOUISE LAWLER, “No Smoking”, 2009
pack of matches

part of Regift, 2009
box: 19 x 14 x 30 cm, booklet: 17,8 x 12,7 cm
cardboard box with sticker on transparent lid, booklet, 24 pp., cards
Including 12 cards by Mike Kelley / Louise Lawler, Sophie Calle, Trisha Donnelly, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sam Durant, Fabrice Gigi. Jamie Isenstein, Leigh Ledare, Mai-Thu Perret, Aura Rosenberg, Greg Parma Smith and Lawrence Weiner. Published by Swiss Institute, New York, USA
pristine condition
€ 395,- plus € 18,- registered mail

LAWLER, LOUISE multiples

LOUISE LAWLER, Adjusted to fit, 2011 [matchbox]


LOUISE LAWLER, Adjusted to fit, 2011
0,9 x 5,6 x 3,6 cm
group of 9 matchboxes
edition unknown
published by Metro Pictures, New York, Sprueth Magers, London and Yvon Lambert, Paris
€ 350,- plus € 16,- registered mail



In Louise Lawler’s photographs the context is her field of interest in which works of art are displayed, viewed, sold, and also stored in museums, private collections and auction houses. She is questioning the art practice in general, but at the same time she knows she is unavoidably part of this when she exhibits herself works of her own art. That demands self-criticism or at least a display consciousness. Most probably this brought her to have her huge photo prints matching exhibition walls, i.e. vinyl murals that are stretched and adjusted to fit the gallery walls. No wonder she called these exhibitions “Adjusted to fit”.

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