JOHN M ARMLEDER, Concert piece project, 1975 [postal card]

JOHN M ARMLEDER, Concert piece project, 1975
10,2 x 14,8 cm
postal card with ink stamps
signed, numbered, dated: ’26 IX 75′
here numbered 2/10
edition 10

John M Armleder contributed to the Art Information Festival in Middelburg, Netherlands in 1975. This Festival was initiated and organised by Peter van Beveren.

inv.JMA 748


‘The idea of ​​John and his Ecart Performance Group consisted of a performance based on a composition for three musicians and a conductor. In preparation for the concert, they spent a few days with me in Middelburg, as you can read in the sender’s details, id est “Ecart Publications” at the Art Information Center.
Through this edition, the concert was announced to, among others, around 20 people and institutions as a “Concert Piece Project” with the title “Chant Piano, Seul Chant”. The small stamps were part of my stamps with which I decorated correspondences and are here symbolic of the number of objects that were part of the concert.’

‘The piece of music set up by John Armleder consisted of three gentlemen sitting behind a table, namely John Armleder, Patrick Lucchini and Carlos Garcia. There were dozens of small items on the table, from toys to shredded paper. I was the conductor and with my baton, standing behind a lectern, I indicated who had to make as much noise as possible with the object of my choice for a few seconds. A score of John’s concept was handed out to the public.’

Peter van Beveren in a mail d.d. 9 August 2019
inv.PvBe 749

Further information:

PETER VAN BEVEREN, catalogue page “The Art Information Festival”, 1975; the concert took place on 26 September 1975.


Close up of the ink stamp in a book of stamps by Peter van Beveren.