RUCHAMA NOORDA, Rx, 2014 [edition for CUT magazine, issue 12]

16,5 x 11,5 x 2,5 cm
sealed pill, hand stamped cardboard box, instructions for use
edition 50
signed, print dated, hand stamped number
published by Cut issue 12 – magazine about art, Amsterdam
inv.RNo 000-pr

Sticker verso:
Ingredients: Compressed landscape. Contains fragments built structures, earth and plant matter collected from two early 20th century utopian communes, the colony of Llano del Rio in Southern California and Walden, a Life-Reform commune in the Netherlands.
Manufactured and tested by ReForm, Amsterdam.

RUCHAMA NOORDA, Gaper – magnet, 2014


RUCHAMA NOORDA, Gaper – magnet, 2014
20,2 x 15,1 x 0,2 cm
photo on magnet base
edition 5 + 1 AP
signed, numbered, dated
handmade by the artist and published by Galerie van Gelder Editions, Amsterdam in 2014
€ 250,-
introduction price until 1st of October 2014

The word “Gaper” means literally “Yawner”. See Wikipedia: