photographs SOE-PEDERSEN, MYNE

MYNE SØE-PEDERSEN, Airmails from Venice, 2000


MYNE SØE-PEDERSEN, Airmail from Venice, 2000
each ca 10,6 x 13,2 cm
4 x 5″ analogue hand cut photo prints, envelope (11,3 x 16,1 cm), sticker
edition of ca 8
published by the artist

‘Airmail from Venice’ is a series of unexposed 4 x 5″ negatives sent by airmail from Venice to Amsterdam in September 2000.
I was on holidays in Venice for a week. Every day I sent a letter to my address in Amsterdam where I used to live at the time.
Each negative had an exposure time of three to four days. After the delivery the result of the mailing by air came out when the
prints were developed in the dark room.