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BEUYS, JOSEPH multiples

JOSEPH BEUYS, Holzpostkarte, n.d. [1974], signed

JOSEPH BEUYS, Holzpostkarte, 1974, screen print, wood, edition 600, Edition Stack, signed, multiple

JOSEPH BEUYS, Holzpostkarte, n.d. [1974]
10,2 x 14,9 x 3,3 cm
screen print, wood
unlimited edition of which ca 600 have been signed
published by Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany
€ 540,- plus € 15,- costs Track&Trace

A part of this edition has been issued with an ink stamp.

History of prices:
Tim Byers, Richmond, UK GBP 400.- 26 January 2021

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