BEUYS, JOSEPH multiples prints

JOSEPH BEUYS, Zeichen aus dem Braunraum I – VI, 1984 [6 signed postcards]

JOSEPH BEUYS, Zeichen aus dem Braunraum I – VI, 1984
each 10 x 14.5 cm
offset, 6 postcards
each signed in pencil, complete set
condition fine, apart from slightly yellowed card on top of stack
published by Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany
very rare, i.e. difficult to find as complete set
€ 1.250,- plus € 15,- registered mail
inv.JBeuys 14


History of prices:
Artax Kunsthandel, Dusseldorf, Germany, complete set of unsigned postcards, 12 June 2021
Auktionshaus an der Ruhr, Germany, signed single postcard, 30 June 2018 € 250,- (hammer price)

A similar series of cards was offered by Artax, Düsseldorf, Germany in December 2021 € 480,-. This set of 8 postcards came with a loose signed end paper. It is unclear whether this series with 2 extra postcards plus end paper or flyleaf has also been issued as an edition next to ‘Zeichen aus dem Braunraum I – VI’ with 6 individually signed postcards from 1984.

Screen shot from website Edition Klaus Staeck:

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