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artist's books VIONNET, CORINNE

CORINNE VIONNET, Souvenirs d’un glacier, 2019

CORINNE VIONNET, Souvenirs d’un glacier, 2019
22 x 33 cm
offset, cover and pages of thick cardboard, 12 pp.
Lumbeck binding
edition 200
published by RRose Editions, Paris, France


Over the years, Corinne Vionnet has collected postcards of the Rhône glacier, spanning almost of century of images. The pictures have all been shot from the same perspective, from an “ideal” spot that reveals the glacier in its archetypal form and the roads that takes visitors there – as is often the case with touristic attractions. It is a pattern of repetition and superposition that Corinne Vionnet explored for instance in her Photo Opportunities series.

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