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MARINUS BOEZEM, Paper Events, 1970 [signed artist’s book + envelope]

MARINUS BOEZEM, Paper Events, 1970
29,8 x 21,5 cm
artist’s book, 16 pp. incl. cover, plastic envelope with text in screen print
edition 250, here number 2/250
signed, numbered on label
published by Multi-Art Press, Belgium
condition: book yellowed at top part, envelope fine and undamaged
very rare
€ 940,- plus € 15,- Track & Trace registered mail
inv.MBoe 190

The work ‘Paper Events’ is a DIY multiple. The cover and the first page inside have already been done by Marinus Boezem. From page three instructions are given:
page 3 – cut with a pair of scissors
page 5 – wrinkle and throw away
page 7 – cut with a pair of scissors
page 9 – tear
page 11 – soak in water
page 13 – hang in open window
page 15 – burn rest of the book and keep in plastic bag.


signed label verso on plastic envelope

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