CHRISTOPH BUECHEL, Free Manifesta, 2002 [eBay bidding + mail]

CHRISTOPH BUECHEL, Free Manifesta, 2002
high quality digital print from screen shot
published by eBay / freemanifesta
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After being invited to Manifesta 4, Christoph Büchel offered his participation rights to the highest bidder on eBay who purchased this eventually for $15,099.

On 20th of March 2002 I contacted Christoph Buechel to have a solo exhibition in my gallery in Amsterdam. He proposed to become the highest bidder of his eBay offer. Being the highest bidder Galerie van Gelder would have had a solo exhibition of Christoph Buechel at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Unfortunately the highest bid was a bit too high for the gallery’s financial standards.

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