A.R. PENCK, Bananenelephant, 1992 [alias Elephant]


A.R. PENCK, Bananenelephant, 1992
130 x 245 cm
screen print, with Galerie Aschenbach ink stamp
edition 50
signed, numbered
published by Aschenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
not available anymore


A.R. Penck is known for expressionistic paintings with primitive sign gestures spread all over the surface in a fragmented manner. For decades he has made quite some prints in various techniques. ‘Bananenelephant’ is one of the most remarkable large prints A.R. Penck has ever made.

History of prices:
Venduehuis, The Hague, November 2022 € 5.200,- (hammer price)
Dorotheum, Vienna, Austria € 10.240,- 2 June 2022 (incl. premium)
Strauss & Co, Cape Town, South Africa € 3.026,- July 2018 (incl. premium)
Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann, Düsseldorf, Germany, unframed   € 6.900,- December 2012
Aschenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, unframed fl. 4.000-€ 1.820,- May 1992 (year of issue)