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Aug 282018

12 x 17 cm
book, offset, SC, 144 pp.
interview and texts by Aditya Mandayam (ca 30%), an anonymus text, Chris Fitzpatrick, Andrea Liu, Michal Novotny and Kees van Gelder
edition 500
published by Roma Publications, Amsterdam, Netherlands / Kunstverein München, Germany


Usually so-called artist’s books with texts by others than the artist involved are expelled from The Archive is Limited. This book invites to make an exception. “The Ooze” contains 49 pages of the 144 that have been written by Aditya Mandayam. The front and back of the cover show drawings by the artist. “The Ooze” gives an insight in the thinking of Brud, but foremost these texts are based on opaque statements. This book has been categorised by The Archive is Limited both as “artist’s book” and “printed matter” for these reasons.