ANAHITAR RAZMI, States, 2013

ANAHITA RAZMI, States, 2013
DVD, 36 min., loop
edition 10 + 2 AP, numbered, signed
published by Kunstverein Hannover, Hanover, Germany                       € 450,-    December 2013

Anahita Razmi has a special relationship with Iran, the homeland of her father. She connects with it on the level of a stranger, as she explains, “Somebody who is on the outside, but who at the same time finds herself in some kind of indefinable relationship with this alien place.” Here she focusses on the question of what happens when ‘Haram'(i.e. sinful in Islamic jurisprudence/forbidden) and ‘Halal'(i.e. lawful/permissable) are transplanted into a different cultural, as well as aesthetic, political context.