ANNE-LISE COSTE, You are not alone, 2014 [silkscreen print]

ANNE-LISE COSTE, You are not alone, 2014
56 x 35 cm / 22 x 14 inches
silkscreen print
edition 45 + 5 AP
published by Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

This poster is a reproduction of Anne-Lise Coste’s original painting “You are not alone” (2013), the title of which derives from a religious flyer that advertises spiritual comfort. Coste de-contextualizes this marking that one might encounter in its sprayed format fleetingly on flyers or on urban surfaces. In the context of her oeuvre one may interpret that either ‘the police is around’ or e.g. co-squatters and protesters help each other at all times.