BAS JAN ADER, A work by Bas Jan Ader, 1972 [invitation Art & Project]

BAS JAN ADER, A work by Bas Jan Ader…, 1972
21 x 29,7 cm
invitation, printed matter, stencil print
published by Art & Project, Amsterdam
good condition, i.e. slightly yellowed
extremely rare
€ 950,- plus € 13,- Track & Trace registered mail
BJAder 559-pr


Bas Jan Ader’s first solo exhibition took place at Art & Project in 1972. Twice a day from 15 until 21 April he performed by reading an article published in the Reader’s Digest: The Boy who fell over Niagara Falls. It describes the only recorded instance of someone surviving a fall. At certain moments during his reading performance Bas Jan Ader paused and drank from a glass of water.