BEN VAUTIER, Écrire entre les lignes, ca 2012 [large display for shop]

BEN VAUTIER, Écrire entre les lignes, ca 2012
plastic display for shop counter, 50 pens with 4 different sentences in print
Parker Guitars Vector
published by Parker Pen Company, Newhaven, East Sussex, UK
extremely rare
€ 4.800,- + € 32,- Track & Trace registered EU mail

A word, a thought or a slogan like ‘To write between the lines’ is in the art of Ben Vautier a trade mark for many years now. He is known for his performances, installations, his Fluxus shop in Nice and texts on paintings and objects. Writing his texts in white-on-black is his favorite activity. He calls his art Total Art.

Both museums and private entrepreneurs gladly make use of his tongue-in-cheek words. Here Parker Pen Company managed to make a deal with the artist concerning Ben Big Box products. This is definitely a sculpture and not so much a counter display for selling Parker pens.