BEN VAUTIER, Mon admiration pour votre oeuvre, 1966 [Fluxus]


BEN VAUTIER, Mon admiration pour votre Oeuvre, 1966 / Nice, le 13 Mars
21,5 x 16,5 cm
letterpress print on firm paper
Fluxus announcement / event with an artist statement in French
dated in print: ’13 March, 1966′


Part of the text reads roughly in French:
I would like to express my admiration for your work.
Since Dada in 1920,
the ready-made of Duchamp
the supertemporal of Isou
and the indeterminacy of Cage
and since all that I have taken possession of
is art everywhere:
to wait for someone
to listen to a fly
to move the left arm
to draw a 1 cm line every day.

So the smallest detail, or even the title of the greatest, contains art.
All old conditions for harmony, work, quality, aesthetics have been wiped out.
Everything is art, and it is within the framework of this really everything that you knew how to insert it into your oeuvre.