CANDICE BREITZ, Double, 2009


CANDICE BREITZ, Double, 2009
Double Pizza Girl, 2009 / Double Oun, 2009 / Double Sachika, 2009 / Double Shaun, 2009 / Double Star, 2009
C-print, each 45 x 45 cm
edition 30 + 5 AP
each numbered and signed Kunsthaus, Bregenz, Austria
not available

In allusion to Andy Warhol’s “Double Elvis,” Candice Breitz has created photographs of the five pairs of twins who participated in her performance “New York, New York.”
Candice Breitz: “I am interested in deploying the art work as a catalyst, one which momentarily freeze-frames problematic ways of making meaning, and renders them strange. My interest lies not in censoring the desires inspired by the commodity (be that commodity a hipper-than-thou consumer trademark or a cheaply printed centrefold), but in recasting them so as to expose their logic, and, in certain cases, to push their boundaries.”

History of prices:
€ 1.200,- each
€ 4.000,- set of all 5 prints August 2012