MARCEL BROODTHAERS, Musée d’Art Moderne à Vendre 1970-1971 pour cause de faillite, 1971 [printed matter]

MARCEL BROODTHAERS, Musée d’Art Moderne à Vendre 1970-1971 pour cause de faillite, 1971
45 x 31,7 cm
SC, Lümbeck binding
pages in catalogue
edition 15.000
19 editioned dust couvers, signed, numbered (here unsigned, not numbered)
condition: couver used, inside very good
published by Verein Progressiver Deutscher Kunsthändler, Cologne, Germany
€ 220,- plus € 24,- Track & Trace registered EU mail
inv.MBro 103

Sometimes publications hide works of renown artists. The page of Michael Werner Galerie announces the selling of the Museum of Modern Art Marcel Broodthaers founded in 1968. He designed this page and nineteen signed dust couvers were wrapped around the Cologne art fair catalogue.
The same catalogue contains an advertisement of Wide White Space Gallery shows 24 couvers of publications, a page called ‘Ma Collection’ (trans. “My Collection”) specially designed for the occasion by Marcel Broodthaers.

Marcel Broodthaers – Michael Werner Galerie

Marcel Broodthaers – Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp

Richard Long – Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf

Zero – Galerie Ursula Lichter, Frankfurt am Main

Jan Dibbets – Video Galerie Gerry Schum, Düsseldorf

JAN DIBBETS, On May 9 (friday),… , 1969 [“X” postcard]

JAN DIBBETS, On May 9 (friday),… [“X” card], 1969
10,1 x 15,1 cm
edition 1200
published by Seth Siegelaub, New York, USA
excellent condition, although slightly aged
very rare
inv.JDib 988

In spite of its high edition this unused postcard is not easy to find. It is not just a postcard. On the backside in four languages an announcement is made about an ultra short performance on three days in May 1969. On his balcony indicated with a cross mark, he would make a thump up gesture once a day as described. The card is often used as an iconic example of conceptual art, since the emphasis is put on an idea, much more than on the visual impact of the planned performance as such. KvG

The “X” card of Jan Dibbets is in the collection of both the British Museum in London and the MoMa in New York.